Perennial Affection

A Story of Motherly Love

Centuries Ago, when humanity had just begun to take shape, An island came into existence.

It was off shore, covered with thick dense forests and wild deadly meat-hungry animals.

The few people who lived there decided to call it Plumáthor. Plumáthorians were kind, caring & loved each other till their very last breath. The village was built on a hill so high, that no animal would even try getting close. The village had everything. Trees around to give them food, fresh air to breathe, and most of all, a beautiful view of the horizon.

One Evening, just as the mother began to stir a pot of stew for her fragile 3-year old son, the sky seemed to turn orange, as pale as it could get, and the winds began to blow violently towards her delicately built home. The motherly instinct started to kick in. She gulped with nervousness and took little steps towards the door. She knew it was coming. She could see it in her pearl blue eyes.

The Big Storm had arrived once again, to take the lives of the innocent, and destroy everything that came in its path.

Before she could grab any supplies, the roof of her strong home began to fall apart. She grabbed the most valuable thing she could find, her 3-year old son looking straight into her eyes with happiness, as he did not know anything that was going to happen. The innocency of her child stared into her deep soul. She ran out of her wrecked home, which she had built with love & fled to safety. All she had was a white cloth to harness her child onto her back.

She ran into the thick dense jungles below, searching for shelter and warmth. The Night was dark & full of terrors. She didn’t have the will to carry on. But she took more steps into the jungle, only for her son, the only family member she had left in her life. She began to shake every tree that she could find. Hoping she would get a fruit or two, for her hunger growling stomach & for her little baby. The storm began to calm down. The strong wind transitioned into a breeze.

Her feet began to fatigue. She was tired. But she knew that if she stopped, it would be a grand feast for the animals that lurked in the dangers below. As she followed the path of least resistance, she saw a cave slowly shining bright from the moon light above. Finally, she breathed a sigh of relief. But she also knew, that she had to look for hungry predators which might have made the cave, their home.

She walked into the cave with her feet trembling. Once she knew it was safe for both of them, her knees dropped to the ground, tired. She soon recovered and began to find places were she & her son, could sleep soundly.

She found a big Boulder that bulged from the cave walls. The light shone on the boulder like a man made skylight. That was the only place where there were little steaks of light that entered the cave. She laid down the white cloth, and put her son to sleep. She patted gently on his back humming a sweet lullaby.

Once her son was asleep, she covered all the exits of the cave with bushes, twigs and rocks, and began to search for food. The night did not spare her, as the cold winds pierced into her skin brutally. She found an apple lying around a tree, in the midst of thorny plants. She got a few scars, but managed to scavenge food for her son. It was only enough for one.

She returned back to the cave, to find her son crying. She offered him the Apple she found & soothed him to sleep. She lay down by his side and closed her eyes. She controlled her hunger and sacrificed whatever she had, just to provide for her little baby.

Soon enough, the sunlight started to shine on the dark cave, and streaks of bright light rushed in. The 3-year old was now awake. He turned towards his mother, who was fast asleep by his side.

“Mother?” He whispered.

He pushed his little hands against her chin and called her again.

She did not wake up.

He took little twigs and began to wake her up. Nothing helped. He had no idea why his mother did not wake up. He crawled on top of her, and slept on her belly. His face, pressed against her body, he felt her warmth.

He waited for hours and kept himself busy. He played with rocks & pebbles lying around in the cave, waiting for his mother to wake up.

When the dusk started to set in, he began to realize that his mother was no more. That she would not wake up. He began to cry and hugged his mother tightly.

That night, he wrapped himself around in her pale dry arms and slowly closed his eyes.

This short was inspired by many people, but is mainly dedicated to my mom, whom I dearly love, with all my heart. If you liked this story, tap the little heart below!