Who is she? — Part 1

Zach and Megan were the perfect couple you could think of. They got Married in December, and they got a healthy baby girl. They couldn’t wish for anything better.

Megan worked for an Environmental Protection firm whereas Zach was more or less, a businessman. They had a lovely home in a great neighborhood.

They’d hired a nanny to care of their baby as both of them had to leave for work every morning.

One Morning, 2nd of January,2016, Zach and Megan ran into a problem. The Nanny wasn’t available that day. She had to go home to her daughter who was 2 days due. Since Zach and Megan had no other choice, Zayla, the Nanny agreed to babysit only till 6pm. Both of them agreed.

Megan would take a half day leave and come back home to take care of the baby. Shaking hands on the agreement they just made, both Zach & Megan left for work.

Later that Evening, Zach came home tired and worn out. He threw his bag across the shelf, loosened his tie, and sat down on the sofa.

“ MEGAN! I’M HOME ” he yelled.

He bolted into the kitchen, got himself something to eat and sat down on the sofa. “Maybe I should change first. Maybe slip into something more comfortable. Yup. Should totally do that.” he thought.

He changed into pyjamas and a cotton T-shirt. He got comfortable as he browsed through channels while munching down Doritos.


Baby monitor beside him started to make noise. He mute the tv channel and listened closely. All he could hear was the sweet lullaby that was being sung for his little girl. He started to smile wide. This was all that Parenthood was. It was the warm feeling that he got from the beautiful voice. He just couldn’t wipe the grin off his face.

His phone buzzes. He picks up the phone only to see that it was a text message from Megan.

Megan: “I’ll be late home honey, I’m stuck in way too much traffic. Take care of the baby. Change her diapers!” She exclaimed.

Zach’s smile started to fade away. Who was singing to his daughter?

He ran as fast as he could to the room upstairs.

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