Who is she? — Part 3

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“Zach! Honey! Wake up!”

“Zach! Wake up honey!” yelled Megan as she saw him lying on the ground paralyzed.

She held his shirt tight and began to cry. Megan was the kind of woman who was strong, independent and capable. But when it came to people she loved, she was the most vulnerable.

As she lay her head on his chest and continued to cry, Zach started to move. His eyes were fuzzy and he had no clue what was happening around him.

He rubbed his eyes right and the first thing he could see was Megan crying.

“Megan? Are you crying?” he asked.

As soon as Megan realized Zach was awake, she hugged him as tight as she could.

“Oh. Thank God.” She whispered to herself while she closed her eyes.

Zach had no idea why he was on the ground. His memory was faint. He began to recollect what had just happened. As soon he remembered everything, he remained calm. He didn’t want to freak out Megan, as she was already crying enough.

He wiped the tears off of her face, and told her that it was okay and reassured that he was perfectly alright. As soon as Megan stopped crying, Megan asked Zach for an explanation as to why he was on the ground.

He grabbed Megan’s hand and ran downstairs to the hall. He asked Megan to sit down and listen to him carefully.

“Honey, there’s something I need to tell you, but you have to remain calm.” He said as he looked straight into her eyes.

“Okay” she said as her voice broke. She gulped with anticipation.

“There’s someone else in this house. Probably something supernatural, a ghost perhaps, but I’m not sure. And then he told her everything that had happened.

“Are you sure? It might’ve just been someone we both know. You do know that, Aunt Melissa always comes over without notice.” she explained.

“Megan. I would’ve known if it was Aunt Mel. Believe me. It was not her.” He explained holding her hand.

Megan got up from the sofa, and started to walk towards the kitchen. She took little steps as she felt nervous and terrified. She walked into the kitchen and there was no one in sight. She took one good look around the kitchen and at that moment, she knew exactly what Zach was talking about. It hit her. She had a moment of Epiphany. She was relieved.

She casually walked over to the baby monitor only to reassure that it was turned off. Now it was clear for Megan that her that the epiphany she just had, was right.

Megan went over to Zach, held his arms, and smiled. She rubbed his hands and looked at him in his eyes.

“Honey. Do you remember the conversation we had last night? About how bad you wanted to visit your mom and see her face for one last time before she died?”

“Yeah. What about it?” He asked with curiosity.

“You’ve got to let it go Zach. I know it’s hard. I know it’s not easy to. You were your Mom’s favorite child and she loved you with all her heart. But if you keep thinking about her, you’re going to have more hallucinations. And it’s not good for both of us. Right Zach?” She asked him with a soothing tone. She didn’t want to put Zach in a soft spot.

Zach’s mother had passed away recently. Zach and his mom shared a very strong bond and they believed, that no one in the universe shared that kind of bond with their mothers. They were best friends and they did everything together. He couldn’t get over the fact that she wasn’t there for him anymore. He had lost a companion, a family member, and most of all, someone he loved.

Zach realized that everything that he saw and heard was not real. His mom used to sing a lullaby for him every night when he was a child all the way till he was 16.

“Perhaps that’s what it was. That’s why I could hear someone singing to our baby” he thought to himself.

Zach took a picture of him mom off the shelf and held it close to his heart. For his bond, was unbreakable and lasted for an Eternity.

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