Designing Fashionove Web and Mobile

Sushant Kumar
Oct 9, 2017 · Unlisted
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My Role: Product Design and Front-end Web Development


Fashionove is a hyper-local Fashion Search and Review portal. Discover Fashion Stores, Fashion Boutiques, and Tailors around you at a single touch. Get in-depth store details, store images and videos, product catalogue and price points along with credible rating and reviews.


Provide a beautiful search experience to fashion lovers according to brands, stores or products. Shopping is fun but at the same time its time consuming. So it will be really helpful if the users can shortlist a couple of stores according to their preferences and only visit them physically.


I started with some basic research and tried to understand target users and their demographics. After a couple of in-person interviews with the users, I listed down the common pain paints which we need to address in our MVP.

  1. Some of the famous stores still don’t have the online presence, so it’s tough to find the basic information like opening timings, exact location etc.
  2. Sometimes a user has very specific requirement like shopping for the wedding. In that case, it’s tough to find stores related to a particular category.
  3. Getting a fair idea about the stores like reviews, location, price range, product category and images.

I look into these and also researched some existing websites/apps.


With these pain points in my mind, I quickly tried to draw some rough sketch according to the user requirements. Brainstormed with the team and asked for feedback and suggestion on couple of user flow and interaction.

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Being a small startup we have to move fast and that’s why I took the paper prototype and used Balsamiq to design the wireframe and prototype. I also took feedback from our Business development team who were fashion lovers and also responsible for bringing the stores data.

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Initial Wireframes (Fashionove Android App)

Final UI Design

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Final UI Design

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