Depression is a choice!!

I asked my self some questions about why sometimes I or someone should feel depressed.

  • Loneliness causes depression? I think not. Most outgoing and extroverts are found to be depressed yet a person living in Himalayas finds peace in solitude. It does not matter how many friends you have or how many people care about you. What matters is that how many people you care about, you love. If you are thinking about someone after asking yourself this question, you are not lonely. Its a choice you make to feel lonely.
  • Money? Have you ever seen children living on the streets dancing to the rain? Do they have money? Nope, they have something more important and more valuable. Appreciation towards joys of life. Money and happiness are not linked. Its a choice you make.
  • Failures? Failures are not really failures until you give up and label yourself as failure. For a human being, failing is perfectly fine but giving up or whining/cribbing about it is truly a failure. Histories most successful men failed miserably at some point in there life.(e.g. Steve Jobs) But, they picked themselves up and did not loose faith and became what they are known for today. On the other hand, people who never failed, now work for them. Dattebayo. Hope is the ultimate power.
  • Overachievement? Most successful people tend to be depressed. Why? May be they feel that their purpose of life is complete. May be they knew what they supposed to do and accomplished it. But there is end to nothing. Like the universe, meaning of life is infinite. Smallest particle that exists can be divided into another infinite smaller particles yet largest object in the universe is the smallest in the un-discovered ones.
  • Monotonous work causes depression? Often people say they don’t like there work so they are depressed. You have to find peace with what you do or have guts to do what you like. Its a choice you make. People very close to me are working on same thing for their entire life, yet they wake up in morning smiling, thanking God for the beautiful day and going to the work, returning home with same zeal. What gives them the energy to do that?? Its the choice they make.
  • Heartbreak? Love is purest emotion. There are situations and circumstances when you need to show how much true your love was. You have to make a choice whether you let the other person hurt you or wish him/her luck and move on.

Many of us face this questions in day to day life more of less often. But there is always a way out. Your inner self knows it. Its the choice you make to listen to yourself or do nothing about it and feel depressed.

Another aspect of induced depression is that nothingness, saturation or stagnancy. Mind is a monkey. When it has nothing to, it pulls out these pranks. To make you feel bad about things that don’t exist in the first place. Music, reading, art or meditation, there are beautiful ways to keep mind occupied and healthy.

Notice little joys of life, Observe the beauty of nature, Smile :)

And as Bob Marley said, Dont worry, Be happy. :

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