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Competition Scope:

The competition has been launched to develop an effectiveness assessment framework for IT services and tools developed as a part of IT Solutions across BFSI, Retail, Manufacturing, FMCG etc.

Competition Deliverables:

1) Define the parameters of KAVRIN framework pillars( strategy, structure,culture, people resources and results) for the BFSI, IT, Retail, manufacturing and FMCG industries across the domains HR, marketing, operations and Finance.(e.g. for KAVRIN pillar strategy-

define parameters of strategy for HR practices across the five industries identified)

2 )Identify the critical success factors for all the industries across the domain mentioned and group them into the KAVRIN Pillars.

3) Do secondary and primary market analysis of IT services across the mentioned domains and the industries

4 )Using the Critical Success Factors identified and the market research of IT consulting Services, Design separate effectiveness assessment frameworks for IT services tools for the industries identified.

Note: Each effectiveness assessment framework should evaluate tools on basis of some parameters which are proposed on the basis of market research and CSFs identified

(e.g. if one of the critical success factors for FMCG is control over training and learning costs in HR Domain then the framework should map and suggest improvements in IT consulting tools on these parameters)

Competition information

Team: The teams, of not more than 4 people, should apply for the global competition

Prize money: 5000 USD for the winning team and an opportunity to get a PPI based upon their performance


Criteria: Only colleges outside India could participate in the global round of Acura Consulting KAVRIN Competition.

Registration: A Team of 3 -4 members need to register for the competition at our official website on the campus connect program page


The teams also need to send across their CVs/Resumes to:

Deadline for registration:30 September 2014

Deadline for Submission of entries/solution:31 October 2014