According to a recent research, online spendings of iOS users are threefold bigger than the amounts of money Android enthusiasts spend. So it’s time to think about converting your Android app to iOS and increase your rate of in-app purchases.

iOS application can help you enlarge your audience and target a new segment of users, boost your income and uncover new possibilities.

In this article we’ll show you the most important aspects you should keep in mind when transferring an Android app to iOS.

Developing a smart home app can be a really complicated challenge, as you have not only to develop an app itself — in most cases, it is essential to integrate it with related hardware and firmware. And that’s where all the difficulties begin. How to make things work together? Are there any specific features an MVP should have?

Well, yes, an MVP for a smart home app is pretty specific, and you can miss some crucial functions, such as two types of profiles for its users. What types?

Our article will answer this and many other questions and give you some basic recommendations regarding smart home app development.

Every startup begins with an idea, but the idea itself is not enough to lead a project to the top. According to Gartner, less than 0.01% of mobile apps will become financially successful in 2018, and we guess you want your app to be one those lucky releases. And we are here to make this mission possible!

We know that you have a lot of questions regarding your startup, so we have prepared answers to the most important of them.

Take a closer look at our guide to discover what things to pay attention to, and to get ready for the launch of the startup.

For sure, when you hire a mobile development team, it’s always risky that you might not get what you’ve ordered. But in this blog post, we aim to uncover the most important aspects you should consider when hiring an outsource team for developing your app.

We pay attention to the specialists an outsourcing team should have at its disposal and describe how a smooth workflow of an app development has to look like. Moreover, we offer you several tools for a stable project management and communication.

Learn more in our full article.

While social apps let users communicate with each other without any problems, smart home apps allow them to “communicate” with their homes remotely: to regulate the indoor temperature, activate the security systems, and so on. Once a futuristic conception of a smart home is now a reality. And the evolution goes on — according to Gartner, by 2022, a typical home may contain over 500 smart devices.

But don’t wait till 2022 to build your consumer IoT product. Smart homes are going mainstream already, so it is high time to develop an app which will make the users’ lives easier…

So, you are ready to start working on your social app, and now you need a development team. Before you hire one, see if you know how to work with your future developers and make the development process of your project significantly easier. With these practical tips based on our real-life experience of building social apps, you will have higher chances of success, while your budget will be saved from unnecessary expenditures.

Read further to find out all the niceties of working with teams developing social apps.

“The UI is terrible”, “It doesn’t work properly”, “My mom can do better than you, guys!”.

If you don’t want to read comments like these under your app in Google Play Market or Apple App Store, make sure you test your app properly and eliminate any possible performance, user experience or security issues.

We gathered six critical aspects of Android and iOS app testing, which will guide you to the release of a stable, robust and secure software. Deliver a fast and convenient app that is compatible with your needs and expectations with our app testing cheatsheet.

Come closer, we have some recommendations for you on how to gain first users and make a step to your social app’s success! Attracting users for a new app is not an easy task, and it won’t get completed on its own — there are too many competitors on the market, and each of them wants to get at least a bit of users’ attention.

Just take a closer look at the statistics — at the beginning of 2018, over 6,000 of new Android apps were released every day. Obviously, not all of them were social, but still… Releasing a…

We know how challenging it might be to choose a perfect framework for your Android app development. That’s why we’ve come up with the list of the best free tools to help you build a competitive application in 2018.

Our recommendations includes Android frameworks for different purposes: from data binding tools to payment options. You’ll find here a description of every framework we offer with strong arguments why you have to consider using it. Learn why Stripe is better than Braintree, which tool use Microsoft and Samsung developers and what is the best solution for game development.

Read on…

Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, WhatsApp… All these social apps are extremely popular — their audience consists of millions and even billions of users! How did these applications manage to achieve such a level of success?

We analyzed the experience of different startups, as well as our mistakes and insights of our development practices, to collect ten lessons that might be helpful in your endeavor of building another social app product.

Read on to find them out…

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