Whats App new update: Effect on low memory phones.

Facebook is like that one dude who can’t get over a past relationship and try to see his ex in everything he does. It couldn’t buy Snap Chat, so it is doing everything in its power to make its product look like one.

Few insights on how it works: Every time your friends post a status, you get a little dot beside the Status bar. When you click on one status, every other status will be downloaded to your phone immediately. Because the way it works is just like Snap Chat; view one and keep on viewing until you are out of statuses.

We can view the statuses in an Android Phone using a file explorer as the statuses are saved in a .Status file and that is hidden. Its in the Media sub directory.


I looked at one status and stopped. But the other statuses were downloaded one by one and stored here (5 at that instance).

Now that we’ve seen this , lets talk about why its not good for low memory phones like mine.

Suppose you have a hundred contacts and almost 50 of them share their statuses, imagine all of them being downloaded into your memory just because you’re interested in watching one particular person’s status.

The images will be compressed (in the order of kB) of course, but imagine not being able to install an update for another application just because your memory is full. Moreover, Whats App can’t download directly to your SD card which normally has more memory. You have to do memory management like me; the cut-copy-paste procedure.

Counter Argument-1: You can always mute your contacts.

True. I don’t really care what food he had eaten but I like to know if he got a new job. So not an option

Counter Argument-2: The statuses remain only for a day so the memory will be free after 24 hrs.

True. But what if you come across a situation where your banking app tried installing an update and shuts down support for the previous version, you have to wait for 24 hrs.

Counter Argument 3: Don’t update Whats App/ buy a new phone.


Suggestion: What if Whats App downloads only the statuses that you have watched among the tens or hundreds that you get and discard the streaming version?

Like to hear your comments on my thoughts.

A hack that might be useful someday:

To view status update anonymously: Well, switch off the read receipts in privacy settings. That will be applied to views as well. Nobody can register your view on their status updates.

To view a status update Anonymously without switching off read-receipts: Just view a random status (except the one you want to see anonymously) in-app. For example: that one girl who posts some daily motivational quotes. Nobody cares right?

Then go to the .Statuses folder that contains the downloaded statuses.(Access it via File Explorer in Android). Now you can watch them at your own mercy and even can save them to the gallery. Your view won’t be counted. It still shows in the status bar that you haven’t watched it.

I am showing this at the risk of my own privacy and my friends’. Sorry Guys.

i looked at the one status which enabled me to download all of them.