To be or Not to be … Connected

Everyone wants privacy, especially privacy with personal information, family details and everyday habits.

It is becoming more of an issue nowadays when many online applications are invading on individual’s privacy. When checked, these applications always points to a asterisk on offer or simple word ‘Terms of use’ or something similar to it. Not so innocent users always overlook these while signing up for Application or services.

But is there any option to users not to accept this and still avail services? Not really.

Whether any legal framework can put fences around people so that their privacy is secured? No. There are always loopholes found in the words because meanings can be stretched, bended and sometimes broken.

We are entering in the Digital world where we are fascinated by the new concepts/terms everyday…Internet of Things, Cloud storage, Machine Learning. An individual is bit worried about own privacy in light of this technological growth to connect everything. Unless you allow these applications to access your personal details, you will not get the benefits. The question is whether we want to be connected to everything? Of course we want to but not at the cost of privacy.

What if user can use the value added services without giving out his personal details outside his trust zone.

At Pinnora, we are trying to build solutions that will collect individual’s personal behavioral data only by the sensors in trust zone. And this data will remain within trust zone only.

Sensors or applications outside trust zone will only receive generalized data by removing individual references. And this will not deny benefits of outside applications/sensors to that person.

It will be open and connected world but with your own small world within.

To give example,

You will be prompted with a simple question of ‘what’s your plan today?’ in the morning.

If your answer is ‘Going to office by bus’, application outside trust zone will simply add one count to its forecast of passengers traveling by bus on your route without any reference to you. Probably, even seat can be reserved.

If your answer is ‘Going to office by car’, the traffic forecast for roads on your route will be updated.

If you answer is ‘Planning for shopping of clothes’, application in your trust zone will provide you more personalized list of shops around that are offering various discounts/offers.

The objective is to provide same value added services to everybody without crossing their privacy boundaries.

Let’s make it truly connected world while maintaining individual’s privacy.

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