Why do we need ‘Smart’Phone?

We have come a long way in terms of evolution of Mobile Phones. It feels like ages that people used to have mobile phones like big handheld device. It reduced in size, progressed in terms of performance by leaps and bounds making it so small to fit in our pockets. Recent race with bigger size screens is making them bulky again.

But really, what has changed in terms of use of Mobile Phone?

It was device to speak with people at other location (not in sight). But then, it started to take up many other functions like entertainment, fitness, office work. It is not Mobile Phone anymore. It is ‘Smart’phone now.

So if we really look at it, what is so smart it is doing?

Various sensors are being integrated inside a regular mobile phone, firepower is being added to process so many Apps to utilize different sensors. The task of actual phone call has already moved into wrist-watch. Developers are writing different applications matching with processing speed available with new Phones.

In terms of sensors as well, it is still work in progress. We are still waiting for sensors that will tell us surrounding air-quality, temperature, humidity or our physical parameters like heart-rate, blood pressure and other physical parameters.

So what a ‘Smart’phone really is?

It is integrated bundle of sensors, processing power, capable power source. But without efficient data connection, be 3G, 4G or wi-fi, it becomes handicapped. It becomes simple fancy screen with good graphics capabilities that can show you offline data.

Now, if we can separate all sensors in a separate integrated module and provide an everywhere available data network?

This way, different advanced sensors can be integrated. The common application/platform associated with sensors will reside in cloud anyway. Just interface the integrated sensor module you are carrying with the screen anywhere you go and access the necessary information. This will help individuals to take advantage of many different sensors. The data from these sensor modules will be used for better social purposes.

The key still remains in providing everywhere available data network.

It has to be based on the network of nodes that are self-communicating for data transfer and will use available internet connectivity from any node.

Probably, we will not have to buy new ‘Smart’phone every alternate year then.

At Pinnora, we are trying to build solutions in this direction and during process; delivering simple value adding applications for individuals and organizations.