Who am I? Having myriad of dreams, ravenous diet for success and being joyous after achieving each milestone is what sums up my life I think. Inveterate need for achievement! I’m also developing another side of me. Munificent, reverent and winsome behaviour towards people, being happy with the accolades of others. I felt the importance of people around me.

A sycophant and obsequious person manipulating tractable people around him, a garrulous person making trite remarks, even an insolent person with pernicious influences: everyone has some good in them which is to be appreciated. While creating this theory in my mind about everyone being important, it also made me realise how much is a single person important in this whole universe?

How important or big are even the big names like Narendra Modi or Donald Trump whom we lionise! Is it the intrinsic values or the position of prodigious power and the hegemony that earns them this social importance? I am not questioning the capabilities of these people here, I’m just trying to point out that the social importance is not due to those intrinsic qualities solely but due to the position they possess.

Say, if someone becomes who always wanted to become a CEO of a company, he shall be very joyous and feel the superiority over the others. But how much is he really important?

Say, if the CEO was a dilettante, his importance among others will be there only till he is a CEO. On the other hand, if he is scrupulous, subversively help his employees, offer propitious working conditions and care for them, then he will surely be in the hearts of many even after he is not the CEO!

The earth or our solar system or even our galaxy for that matter is a small constituent in this universe. Everything have a set of duties to do. Even in this huge earth you are able to influence only a small constituent! Your irrevocable death will be inimical to just the emotional balance of few people close to you. The world will keep running the way it has been and in some days, your existence will be tempered with time, felt in sporadic instances and finally lost completely with resurgent people continuing with their lives.

We always have a perception of feeling our importance, feeling superiority! Don’t repudiate precipitously these brazen thoughts and antithetical views in the first go because that’s what your defence mechanism would tell you to do, but be intrepid enough to consider it!

There are a lot of disadvantages associated with it. The perception of being important makes us worried in many situations. We try to live up to the expectations of people. We try to act animated in many situations and can’t always experience the situation with our real self. It is inscrutable and difficult to appreciate the beauty in something superior because your inner voice won’t sanction it.

Stating this by experience, it is not about the capability that someone can do the job. It is about the willingness about how far one can go to do the job. If you have the perception of being capable of doing the job and being superior to all the other contenders, it will degrade your performance a lot and you may end up not getting the job at all.

Ostracise this self-importance from your mind and be ‘nobody’!

Think about it! You will be comfortable even with a gauche behaviour and austere appearance. You will be audacious enough to do arbitrary things in a haphazard way without concerned about people judging you. Your pedestrian thinking due to myriad of inhibitions will now circumscribe a very broad spectrum of thoughts. You would be able to observe a lot of hidden, arcane things in your environment.

You will think worthy of people around you, won’t reproach their ideas haughtily. Admonish them if they are going in the wrong direction. You will also feel sad if they are feeling sad and poignant about something. There won’t be any reason to be taciturn in public.

Life will be so different and so beautiful!

Now, read the first couple of lines again, you will get to relate how my perception about life changed.

I don’t think, I will be able to foment people’s opinion with this snippet but it will surely vacillate their opinion.