Airline travel can be a real pain especially when people don’t follow the rules! And remember, not all airline travel rules are written…many of them are just a given but it is amazing how many rude flyers there are out there. We are hoping that these tips will help you to be the best fellow traveler you can be

  1. Check in early — If you are only taking a carry on, then you can go straight to the security gate and bypass the huge check-in lines. Also, you can move your seats around before everyone else does to get more desirable seats. In addition, when it comes to frequent flyer upgrades, you will be put on the list in the order you checked in.
  2. Don’t approach the boarding gate until your zone is called — Seriously, it is very difficult for the people who are supposed to be getting on to board because they need to make their way through a maze of people that, for some reason, think their seat will be gone when they get on if they do not crowd the boarding gate. Plus it takes longer to board plane when this is going on.
  3. Don’t bring oversized luggage on the plane! Pay the fee. Other people need room too and people don’t like it when you clog the isle as you try everything under the sun to cram the suitcase, that you shouldn’t have brought, into the overhead…just to save $25. Oh and by the way, the ole “it always fit on other planes” excuse is old and we aren’t buying it!
  4. Book economy comfort if you know you are going to sleep and want to recline — Be nice and don’t recline in economy section if you do not have to. It seems like they only give you 3 inches anyways and it cramps the people behind you badly. If you must recline in the economy section, at least turn around and ask if it’s okay.
  5. Be nice when going to the bathroom — Try not to bump everyone on the way down the isle to the bathroom like it was a challenge. It’s rude and could hurt someone.
  6. Use the bathroom in your class cabin — If you paid for economy seats you get an economy bathroom also. Don’t pop up into the first class bathrooms because they are closer…those are not for you and the flight attendant has already politely asked you not to do it when she gave the safety speech that you probably did not listen to.
  7. If you’re coughing PLEASE cover your mouth — Simple and courteous. Other people do not want your germs all over them in this small space.
  8. Don’t address an irate passenger, let the staff handle it — You never know who that person is or what they are capable of. Just ring your buzzer or politely walk away.
  9. If there is a medical emergency, stay out of the way and let people work on that person — You can wait to go to the bathroom and you do not need to see what’s happening. Medical conditions are private and people don’t appreciate nosey “lookie lou’s” when they are having an emergency.
  10. Do not kick the seat in front of you in the back or underneath — The seats are small and even a slight kick rates a 6.0 on the airplane seat Richter scale. People do not like this!

Travel Smarter When You Fly!

When you look at this, it’s not really rocket science but…just imagine a world filled with people who travel that were following these guidelines. Sure would make for a much better experience for everyone.