Insider Travel Lingo That May Get You Discounts, Perks & Upgrades

At Insider Travel Club we speak fluent travel! And, to help you out, we have taken the time to master the travel phrases/questions that can get you some spectacular discounts, upgrades and crazy travel perks. If we share them with you, you have to promise not to tell everyone, only the people you love!

Rule Number One: Do not be afraid to ask! Always ask because the answer can’t be anything but no unless you do. Don’t get stuck saying, “I wish I had just asked”. Win some, lose some but the wins that will come with some of these tricks will be priceless. Oh, and I’m sure we don’t need to remind you that you will want to be super nice when asking, right?

Insider Travel Lingo

You can put me on the bump list if you need to.

This will let gate agents know that you are already willing and able to give up your seat if need be. Many times they will be very grateful and if they don’t need to bump, they may offer you a better seat just for being nice. You may get bumped though so be prepared. Typically they will offer vouchers for anyone who bumps but not always.

Any chance I can get an upgrade?

It might seem pretty presumptuous to ask this question so directly but, most will never ask and it could really pay off for you. I’m sure it goes without saying that you do not want to ask this to an over busy or disgruntled airline attendant but, there is a time and place. Sometimes business class doesn’t fill up and they might offer you and upsell option that isn’t near as much as it would have been if you booked it in the first place, some as low as only $50!

Don’t be afraid to ask the same question when checking into your hotel. You could even say, what’s the best room I can get for the price I’ve paid. When they tell you, you can say…any chance I could get the next level up for the same price. As long as you are being nice and even playful, this will work about 50% of the time.

In addition, ask the same type of question you ask the hotels when picking up your car rental. If you are having a good conversation with them, they will almost always give you a better car.

I’m flying alone

Airlines often have to move seats around when they deal with families. By letting them know you are flying alone they may upgrade you to a better seat so they can accommodate a family that wants to sit together.

We are on our honeymoon!

It’s not guaranteed but, gate agents have been known to bump honeymooners to first class if there is space. And, hotels typically offer some sort of something nice most of the time to newlyweds.

Do you offer anything special for senior citizens?

Almost anywhere you go these days they will offer something for senior citizens.

We have kids

Sometimes hotels will upgrade you to a family suite so you can have more room at no charge and when it comes time to ask for a late check out, they will understand better because you have kids.

I serve in the military, anything special for us?

No guarantees but I have seen first class passengers give up their seats as a thank you for their service or, the agent might upgrade you too. As far as cruises go, many offer cruise discounts to military personnel.

Any chance the price has gone down since I booked?

Tavel pricing fluctuates a lot ! Check prices frequently until you travel and call in if they have gone down to request the price difference.

I am a return customer!

Cruises typically offer some sort of discount or amenity for past travelers and hotels might just upgrade you as a thank you for the return business.

Of course, it goes without saying, that these upgrades can only be offered if they are not at full capacity and, as you know, none of this is guaranteed! But, asking never hurts and it could make your travel so much more enjoyable!