Fear of dark and truth of light

It was around 10 am. I was sitting in an examination hall. I didn’t know why but it was a very dark room. I tried searching for switches to turn the lights on. I couldn’t find any. I was so scared to give the test in that gloomy room. The question paper was handed over to me. It had around 25 questions. Some had to be answered in one or two sentences and some needed description. I couldn’t concentrate on the test. I was looking for some light in the room. I was unable to breathe. Time was passing very fast. I had not yet started answering any question. Everyone seemed not to be bothered by anything but giving the test while I was in a quite opposite situation looking everywhere but the question paper.

Suddenly after a second, I was sitting on a bench in the middle of a ground. It’s very sunny and bright day. I realized that almost everyone had completed the test while I was still stumbling at question one. There were so many people moving around me making noise. I was scared to death. No exam I knew in my life was this bad. It was a fear to fail. I hardly had written 3 answers. When my paper was snatched by the examiner I couldn’t stop myself. Suddenly I saw my father standing before me. I just ran to him and cried hard for so long until I sensed that my pillow was getting wet with my tears.

Yes. It’s 7 am in the morning and it was a dream. Initially, I felt it was just a clueless, random dream until I got up from the bed and analysed. I compared it to the previous day events. The previous day was not productive for me. So, before sleeping I feared that if I continue like that I would not reach my goals and would eventually face the failure which I hate. Now, I strongly believe that this dream was the consequence of that fear to fail. If we tend to think a lot about something there are pretty good chances that we even get similar dreams. A nightmare is not a bad thing since it makes us realize we still have time in our hands and we can edit the sad event that happened in dream to a better one.

I usually think positive before going to bed and write gratitude diary every night which helps me to feel happy and good about everything I see and face next day. I want to say “No matter how bad your day went, try to forget about everything and imagine a wonderful day is going to happen the next morning. I always had positive effects from this thinking”. Have a nice time of the day and don’t forget to keep smiling.

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