Search Engine Optimization — Better Information Means Better Results

Search engine optimization can bring a tremendous amount of high-intent traffic to your website and unlike pay-per click marketing, also known as paid search, you don’t have to pay every time a visitor reaches your site.

  • Hopeless Time Sinks — Much of the work that goes into continually optimizing for search traffic is incredibly repetitive and mundane. This not only discourages talented employees, but saps many of your most valuable resources.
  • Insufficient Information — Because search engine optimization campaigns require so much leg work, and because it takes much longer to see results from an organic search engine optimization campaign than from a pay per click campaign, having accurate information at the start of a search campaign or a site redesign is imperative.
  • Receive Greater Value — Man hours squandered on under-informed campaigns, rote tasks that could be handled by a machine or and mis-prioritization can cost your business thousands upon thousands of dollars in wasted resources and missed opportunities.
  • Improve Relevance — You’ll be able to generate more relevant, more effective keyword lists and data sets. Possessing the requisite information, automating the right tasks, and better prioritizing how you allot your resources inevitably lead to marked increases in traffic, sales, leads and any of the metrics you deem important to your business.

Search Engine Optimization Tools — The Value of Automating Tasks

Achieving maximum efficiency is a pivotal aspect of experiencing success in any endeavor, and is particularly crucial in SEO campaign management.

  • Relevant — You aren’t querying a database with every keyword for every vertical: these keywords are yours; they’ve been used to reach your site, meaning they are either related to your Web content, or are a part of your ad campaigns.
  • Headers
  • Meta data and meta tags
  • Information Architecture — Develop a site hierarchy based on the most important, relevant keywords after having first actually tested all of the terms and groupings; know how the people you are targeting are responding to each idea so that you can know whether to place things higher or lower in your site’s IA, and create an internal linking structure that really works.
  • Keyword Research — Learn from your PPC campaigns which keywords to target: running analytics on a PPC campaign on your own site is the only way to truly gain the most accurate, precise, and relevant information about the keywords you are about to dedicate months to rank for.




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