New Year Resolution- a Pressure or a Realisation??

The moment calendar is about to hit 31st December, we all start to think hard of changing something within ourselves so that New year is full of happiness and hopes!We actually go to the flashback of previous year and try to analyse what went wrong, what was right!! how to correct the things which went unfavourable and gave pain of discomfort!

Why are we always in search of perfection? why so much pressure of creating a perfect world? Or a perfect Life?

What are we afraid of the most? Our own criticism towards ourself!

Why do we want to be accepted and loved by all?

Why can’t we be happy with what we have and people who already love us the way we are?

There is nothing wrong in the resolution but why are you keeping it matters a lot?

When we start enjoying what we have, we start having more on its own! because now the state of mind is at ease- peaceful,calm and quiet! The nature of happiness and prosperity is to multiply but why does it stop or fall??

The main reason is we stop enjoying what we already have! Our eyes are always on wanting for more! On the future! But present lived fully creates the future! of course planning and calculations for life are very important but not always at the cost of present!Ignoring what you already have can never satisfy a person, the more you have, more your chase becomes restless to have more! Having more should make you more blissful but that is not always the case! Why?

Because life is perfectly fine the way it is!! It is absolutely vibrating at the pace it should be! You can just be part of it enjoying every moment with it! Creating your reality out of Joy and not out of fear! The only fear we have is of losing what we have because somewhere we know that we are not cherishing what we already have so chances are that life might take away that we have more than what we deserve! Fear is nothing but the realisation of not living in the present! Fear cannot exist in present, it has to have some future imagination!!Start living life with what you have, whatever situations you facing just love them because they are helping you in your growth!!

Be thankful of what you have and then see the miracle of life the moment creation realises that you deserve every joy of life you start getting it with the cooperation of Life!!We enjoy what we have and without any fear or pressure of creating a perfect world we start accepting everything around us as energies vibrating at their pace and equilibrium! We are no one to judge ourselves or anyone! Everything is part of a greater force of creation and universe! We are units of that greater reality!Vibrating at our own energy levels. So it’s time to rejoice the spirit within and outside! no resolution! Just love, joy,happiness and compassion towards yourself and others! Everything starts falling in place the moment you are in harmony with the tune of life! All fears start fading away and keep guiding you towards your way of journey of life!! no resolution required!! Just love yourself and see that you start seeing others as your reflections!! Creation never makes any resolution that this year I am going to be more sunny or rainy or anything!! Let your actions come out of your inner being of happiness,joy and love! Not from fear of being imperfect or trying too hard to be perfect!! Be at ease! Love yourself!

Love and Light

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