Few Things You Must Know About Population Health Management

Population Health Management or PHM as it is better known, is an approach that bridges the gaps in care delivery cycle, for increased benefits for both patients and medical organization. The idea is to provide patients with the highest quality care in the most affordable way.

Here are few things that population health management essentially focuses on:

Highest Quality of Care — To provide patients with improved quality of care, it is important to monitor care at each step including prevention, complex/chronic health issues as well as end-of-life care. In order to minimize the risk factor, reduce hospital visits and contain costs, it is essential to address health simultaneously with behavioral and socio-economic issues. Clinician trainings and the consistent and coordinated delivery of integrated health services to patients can help improve the quality of care.

Improved Care Coordination — Navigating through the health care system can be overwhelming for patients. Population health management addresses this issue to enhance the coordination between patients, care providers and specialists. This allows primary care physicians to easily and quickly consult specialists like urologists and cardiologists, for providing patients with well-diagnosed treatment options. This helps cut-down on the long waiting times usually spent in requesting personal visits.

Patient Engagement — To empower patients with the right tools and information for making informed and productive decisions, it is important to get the patients engaged in their own care. Providing patients with evidence-based education material can help them choose the best healthcare option. This encourages patients to believe that medical decisions are aligned to their own preferences, thereby strengthening the level of trust between patient and clinician.

Consumerism — The most effective and affordable way to help patients deal with the overwhelming healthcare system is to embrace technology that provides easy access to health information. The growing popularity of technologies like remote monitoring devices, EHRs and online systems have been instrumental in this respect. Embracing technologies like satellite clinics and virtual visits can not only allow patients to connect with physicians from the comfort of their own home but also serve as a great option for cost-minded patients.