The Struggle for Affordable Housing Instigating Communal Disparities

Millions of Americans today are faced with the frequent struggle of finding affordable housing. With the soaring rent figures and declining rates of vacancy, renters are experiencing a stressful time in the face of low-income earnings.

This maze of hurdles surrounding the issue of affordable housing has pushed forth yet another significant issue surging the need for fair housing. The issue surfaced in the face of Supreme Court’s decision implying the elimination of segregation and discriminations in order to promote the provision for fair housing.

In spite of these laws and acts protecting every citizen’s right to affordable housing, the growing instances of racial & socio-economical discrimination across subsidized housing policies have raised questions on the US housing system. In fact, this discrimination has outstretched its wings to create disparities not just between communities but at the root level of the complete housing system.

While the increased proliferation of numerous subsidized housing projects across various parts of the country has lobbied special benefits & exemptions for teachers, artists, etc., the struggle for affordable housing continues for the middle-class families. A visible exemplary of the continued racial discrimination in housing is the fact that over 70% of POSH (Politically Opportune Subsidized Housing) residents are white and the figures may even advance to 80% — 90% of occupants in some areas.

This explicit violation of fair housing laws by POSH projects has only worsened the discrimination system and it is for this reason that federal courts are now strongly cracking down their whip on POSH projects. This has already instigated several regions across US to expand their affordable housing landscape, providing for better and higher housing opportunities to even low-income families, making an effort to eliminate the discrimination to some extent.