I am a Super Human, and so are you!

G, R, A, T, I, T, U, D, E

When I put these letters together I get the most powerful word existing in this universe. Yes, it is powerful enough to take up a staunch position in Justice League or Suicide Squad but let me ask you this, where exactly is it located in your life?

You know what we all are unique. As I said some months ago we all are different books with colourful pages but there’s one thing which is common between all individuals in this world and that is “GRATITUDE”.

It’s not the unique factors which make you special it’s the acceptance of simple, common gestures which makes you stand out. For me accepting Gratitude was one of it. I never felt special in my life. My life was simple, normal and not that happening. My life was slow it was boring. I couldn’t play for long hours, sleep more than 8 hours, score less than 90%, badly pinch the people I hate, never back answer the teacher whom I didn’t like. Oh my goodness…This is a big list to discuss. My list was never ending. My list only had the things I couldn’t do. No matter good or bad my sentences were incomplete without I couldn’t, don’t, not, cant etc. Since childhood my parents have given me everything, more than what I deserve yet things were always missing for me. Though I had fan I missed AC. Though I had my own bed to sleep I missed having my own room. Don’t judge me!! we all have that list to share.

Every summer I visited my grandpa and Grandma. Visiting them was the most exciting part for me not only because they were source to my pocket money but also because of their love and compassion towards me. They were the happiest people I ever met. One evening he asked me to accompany him while he showed me around the village. I was holding his hands and walking. OH father!! I cannot walk here these stones will destroy my shoes you know how special these shoes are for me right? He laughed didn’t say anything and didn’t stop walking. Father, I’m tired of walking doesn’t this place have autos? He again smiled and kept walking.

Father, why are you ignoring me?? I’m saying something to you, talk to me. To which he answered, you are talking like your mother and hence I’m ignoring you. I didn’t understand how to react hence this I smiled and didn’t stop walking. Soon we reached a house. A small house with a small barren land in front of it. Two kids were sitting out and studying. Seeing me and father they got so happy called their father and greeted us with an ebullient smile. Sometimes words are not necessary to express the feelings and that was the time I realized it. It was my father’s best friend’s house. My father started talking to Uncle and he asked me spend time with Soumya and Sumit their kids.

They took me out to play with them. Outside the house they had a small table where they kept their books. That really surprised me. Why are these books here Soumya? She said because this is our study room and she was so happy about it. You study here? Why? Because after the sun sets we don’t have light to study and its best we have books here. Don’t you feel bad about it? Nooooo that’s the best part. I get to sleep early and also I get to help my mother. You help your mother also? Don’t you get time for yourself?? Yes I do. With them is how I get time for myself and you know what sleeping with them here in out is the best of all times. You all sleep together? And why do you sleep out? How do you sleep without fan? What about mosquitoes? Questions weren’t stopping…

Relax Sushmita!, I’ve got the natural breeze why do I need fan. I get to hear stories from my mom why do I need a different bed. I get to study in the natural light why do I need tube light. I get to eat my favorite vegetable why do I need a Burger? How come she had all her statements with I have, I am, I get, I can, I could etc. and I didn’t?

How come she could do that and I couldn’t?

Some lessons are learnt by experiencing and not teaching. My father’s motto was successful by getting me there. She revealed her super power of Gratitude to show me mine. She is a Super-Human for me not just because she studies in sunlight but also because she knows how to smile even in worst conditions of life. I always took the easy path in my life hence my outcomes were normal, “MEDIOCRE”. I was running behind “X Factor” to be different hence I ended up being nothing. With that day my perception changed. The uniqueness which I could never achieve I felt it in a second because it was hidden deep down me covered by secondary thoughts, materialistic things, leisure’s, luxuries, money and many more.

I see Gratitude everywhere. Somewhere it’s covered and somewhere it’s brightened up. Choice is ours to choose the category we want to lie in. These 5 letters changed my life what changed yours??