Virtual store and Small Business

Virtual Store is nothing but the website of a company where anyone can buy/look the product/service provided by company. The internet becomes the primary need for people since last decade. We search everything on internet and we can buy anything via use of it. Big companies already captured the wave of technology shift and joined the virtual platform and social media platform which help them to increase their global market reach to get the new customer.

Small businesses or say local businesses that lacked the sight to see the opportunity in technology shift have lost their market to global companies. For ex. Grocery stores who lost their business to Big Bazaar, D-Mart, etc. Now days it’s easier to have website for small business. Website can verify the existence of a business, increase visibility to new and current customers, and improve customer experiences. But how many small businesses actually have the website?

Nearly half of small businesses do not have website. Most of them claim that they don’t have enough funds to have website as it is expensive for them or website is not relevant for their business. For ex. Panipuri Shop in shopping complex; he does not need website or its not relevant for them to have website as customers are already flooding in to buy the product also Flower shop outside temple does not website as devotees buys the flower who are going in the temple.

But to against the fierce competition in the market the small businesses must have the virtual platform to attract the customer. A virtual store introduces a business, providing an in-depth description of employees, services, and products. It offers informational substance that is searchable online and is ideally available from any device with an Internet connection. The availability of the Internet on mobile and portable electronic devices increases the need for websites to be available on these devices. Thus, responsive websites, mobile sites, and sometimes mobile apps are important for a business’s online presence on any device.