Photo Credit: Michael Pollak

Shedding Startup Shells

Throughout the journey, you end up attaching yourself to beautiful little things. You get fond of the people you work with, the customers you serve, the dreams that you nurture and the relationships that you build. Though inertia sets in at a certain level, it is very healthy for you to hold the good things close to you and share the love. And then to let go, as well.

Grip is firm when we climb.

When we trek, our shoes press into the earth as we breathe in the raw mountain air. When you climb a certain patch, your fingers hold the rock with a firm grip, holding on and trusting it to withstand the world. Once you climb up to a certain level, it is time to let go. The rocks higher up beckon.

You climb, the rocks don’t.

It is not really your business to understand the ways of the nature when you climb the mountain. The rocks are stationery, the trees love the rain and the birds have other things to do throughout the day. You, however, need to start walking before dawn and find a steady shelter by late afternoon as the playful weather turns. You’re focused on your steps, on your breathing and the sky. You know the peak, you want it. However, the elements helping you towards it do not necessarily harbor the same ambitions. They have their own, equally respectable ones.

Toughening up.

Expeditions toughen us up, we start to expect the usual occurrences and prepare for what is expected out of us in those situations. Walking through a forest is different than walking on a snowy glacier. Walking through the rain is way different than walking through burning heat. Shells can be constructive, since they stand for what you have learnt through the lessons and burnt fingers. shells protect you from daily hurdles, in cases where an ignorant mind might suffer. Since we prepare a shell for a certain weather condition, we have to step out and evolve for the next level. A shell, however, has to be undone once in a while. There comes the tough part.

Shedding Shells.

We feel raw, and naked, when we step out of our self-forged comfort zone. It is never pleasant to move on, a butterfly always flies for a first time and it’s pretty darn awkward. Our actions are proactive (not reactive) in nature, when we’re in control of situations. As a result, accepting the change in our surroundings with the best in our hearts is a healthy habit. It is essential to let go and embrace the new things.

Shedding shells is a part of our growth story :)