Happily ever after!!!!

Happiness is a state of mind.. don’t most of you agree?

My mind wanders back to the time I had to study Rabindranath Tagore’s poem “Playthings”….

“I seek out costly playthings, and gather lumps of gold and silver.
 With whatever you find you create your glad games, I spend both my time and my
strength over things I never can obtain.
 In my frail canoe I struggle to cross the sea of desire, and forget that I too am
playing a game. “

Says the great poet Rabindranath Tagore. “You” here is a child happily playing with twigs.

Well, the same cannot be said about today’s children though…( no offense to kids who play with kids though!)

So what prevents the “happily ever after”?

Simple. We “want” to be unhappy. We want to think about all the things we don’t possess, all the things which ‘ could' have been…and of course, our pitiable plight is someone else’s fault!(of course pitiable, can’t you see everyone else being so happy?)

And of course, there’s the question of beauty…look at her flat stomach…look at his abs ..and she eats so much.. and he never goes to the gym! Oh man! My life sucks, right?

Wrong…it may sound clichéd, but yes, we don’t know what the other person’s journey is all about.

Forget about others…whats wrong with us? Nothing. .we are very happy people..it’s just that we have forgotten the fact that we need to be happy . Look at you, you are so handsome , haven’t realised it yet… and hey beautiful,what are you cribbing about? Smile..wow..look at how it transformed your face!!

Get into that happy state of mind ..You deserve happiness..Be happy..

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