“You snitched!!!!!” , yelled my fiance.. sorry, whined my fiance over the phone. You see, I cannot be using inappropriate words to describe what he says. After all, at my ripe old age of thirty-one,Nayan was considered a very good 'catch’ for me( though I thought Nayan was a kind of girlish name, my name being Nirmal, more boyish).

“ Nayan is a great entrepreneur” my father had explained patiently.. I was a lowly PMO at a local BPO, how could I understand complicated things such as entrepreneurship? In fact, my parents were pretty astonished that Nayan proposed to an 'ordinary' girl like me. Well, his two previous broken engagements were a mystery, but probably I got lucky (?).

Coming back to “ snitched”, I desperately tried to understand what he said… “ snitch” …was it like “ Hitch” the movie? Well, another disappointment my parents faced was my problem with English..It was good enough,but not like my other classmates at the convent I studied. My parents sent me to a “ convent” school so that I can mingle with the “ high society” well. But to their disappointment, I remained somewhat conservative and prudish…and not so good at communicative skills in English..what did snitch mean? Could I put him on speaker and Google snitch? But what if my parents heard him? Mustering all courage, I asked “ What does snitch mean?”

“ Are you educated?” , asked Nayan.

Well, I did have a post graduation in commerce, but did it amount to education in Nayan 's view?

“Answer” bellowed, sorry, said Nayan.

“I.. I didn’t understand” , I stammered..after all, we were engaged for hardly two weeks?!?

“What did you tell Tara?”

Tara was the one, who ‘ mediated' this marriage..she happens to be our common friend…what did I tell her?

“ Nothing” , I said nervously.

“Then how does SHE come to know about what happens between us?”

'Between us' ? We had hardly spoken to each other in the two weeks of our engagement, let alone anything ‘ happening ‘ between us. In fact, Nayan hadn’t even spoken to me, even over the phone from the past four days.

“How did Tara come to know that I hadn’t spoken to you from the past four days?”

Oh my God!! Yes, I had mentioned to Tara that very morning that it was quite a while since Nayan spoke to me. Had I mentioned four days too? Shit… I couldn’t remember.

“ I asked you a question”

“ I don’t…dont know..” I stammered.

“ Did you tell her?”

“ I might have mentioned it” I said nervously.

“ After our marriage, are you going to describe our love making to her as well?”

My face heated up..

“ I am sorry”…

“What sorry?” Nayan 's irritation was very evident in his voice now.

“ What should I expect from you after marriage? This kind of snitching? If that’s the case, there would be no marriage at all”

I stood frozen. No.. I could not let this parents…what would I tell them? Or more importantly,what would they tell me?

“Nayan”, I pleaded. “ I am really sorry. I assure you it won’t happen again”…but what the hell was snitching?

“How many times will you say sorry, every time you snitch, you say sorry, is that how it’s going to be?” “ Think about it Nirmal, do you really want me to marry you?”

I was flabbergasted! I am thirty one, Nayan was such a good 'catch’, and how did I end up messing this up? Up to a point where he was ready to go back on the marriage proposal?

“Please don’t do this Nayan”…I begged him. “ I absolutely had no intention of hurting your feelings or demeaning you”

( Well, meanwhile what the hell did “snitch” mean?)

“Don’t say please…That’s not going to help. You should have thought of the repercussions before you snitched”

Now I was virtually in tears. Nayan was ready to end the marriage proposal because I snitched?

“ Shall we call it a day? There is nothing more to discuss”

Well…actually there was.. I desperately wanted to know what snitched meant…now Google seemed to be the only option

Next day, Nayan informed my parents that he was no longer interested in marrying me.

After two days of shedding tears, Tara initiated another proposal. This person was divorced once, but one should not be judgmental.

The day, the eligible bachelor was to meet me formally, my mother hissed “ This time, don’t snitch”.

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