My Truth about Jesus

It gets harder, but easier, than it would’ve been without Him; a different hard if I may. I’ve had so many ups and downs, that I’ve lost count; lost count of the supreme Mercy He continuously pours out on me every single time. Why the downs though? Why the failures? Why the embarrassment? Just plain out why?

Here’s a good answer; I’m not perfect. Here’s a good statement; I try to be.

When God called me, He called me. He called me out of a life of sin, out of a life leading to suicide. In the beginning it was awesome. After a while, I was mad. “God, why did you call me” “ I can’t do this”. I couldn’t seem to get it right. I couldn’t hang out with my old friends and not drink. I couldn’t do right when I knew something was wrong.I asked God why He always had to make it hard for me. Why everyone seemed to just get it, while it took me a while.

Most importantly I asked God, why I couldn’t let Him go and pretend I never met Him.

His truth about Me.

My love has a grip on you so tightly. So tight that youll run back every time. It gets hard because I know you will overcome. I saved you because I believed in you. You failed, but I am still here.

Susie, you are not better, you are different. Pursue me, as I take lead in your life. Watch and be patient, you are not just an entertainer. You are my master piece. I know every single detail about you, and yet I delight in you. There is nothing in this world that can keep me, from you. I have plans for you, you can’t even imagine my next step. Susie you are chosen, loved and gifted. People need you! You are smart, loyal, and kind, you will make a difference.

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