The Bernie Bust

A convention congested, if not contested

The beloved 51-foot protest joint

The opening day of the Democratic National Convention saw a series of marches, rallies, and protests in support of a Democratic candidate for president — just not the one likely to be nominated. Bernie Sanders supporters both inside and outside the convention hall protested Hillary Clinton’s impending win with colorful props, exuberant passion, and suffocating sage.

Even Sanders himself seemed powerless against the “political revolution” he’d sparked.

Late that night at a nearby bar, one delegate confided to me:

But by Tuesday, the worst procedural disaster seemed to have been avoided, and morning brought hope of a fresh start as Sanders’ speech and its implications for supposed party unity sank in and the Democratic National Committee e-mail leak claimed no further casualties — at least not yet.

As the evening program approached, the expansive media pavilion was filled with reporters typing up their tick-ticks on the incident-free roll call when the sit-in instead came to us: Sanders supporters had walked out of the hall in protest, and straight toward the waiting cameras, claiming election fraud.

By the end of the week, Sanders supporters may have former Democratic National Committee chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s coiffed head on a pike —

and if so, there’s probably nothing he could do to stop them.

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