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We’ll we knew the attack would come into the religious community, I’m not sure if the school went about things the right way, but we know what Jesus teaches, but if your in a Catholic school we follow the teachings of Jesus, he created man and woman to procreate and confirmed as the sacrament of marriage, A mother and a Father the very best home for a family and the only way possible to have children naturally, A mother cannot be a father nor can a father be a mother, you can’t just call something whatever you want just because it feels good to you. Otherwise marriage is just a farce and we can end up in any kind of relationships and call it whatever we want to. They should have explained to him through the Catechism of the Catholic Church and the Bible, he is going to a private Catholic school why this is not allowed. No one especially someone who is gay should ever be treated negatively, but with kindness whether they accept Jesus teachings or not. My suggestion for the Catholic community and all believers in what God revealed through the Sacred Scriptures, is to Pray the Rosary as much as you can for special graces to know what God has truly called for each of us, and to live that out. And to pray for our Religious Freedom.

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