Along for the Ride with Monica Tranel PSC Candidtate: day 6, August 5th

Our stay with the Axelburgs was awesome. Waking up to a blue bird day in the mountains was almost as good as heading into Helmville and seeing 4 people waiting to ride along with Monica to Drummond and some all the way to P burg. It was certainly a boost to the candidate . So good to have company for the ride . Chad, Edie Richard and then I met Brenda coming up the road to join the rest from Drummond .

In case you haven’t heard it enough, Montana is beautiful, and I drove really slow to take it all in. We were on secondary highway 1 a scenic route , and it did not disappoint.

I arrived in Drummond way ahead of the bikers and set up at Parker’s cafe . Amazing food by the way, seriously good sandwiches and wraps! There was a shady area with little tables set up next to Parker’s and so we had our little gathering there. The bike crew and a few folks came from the area to talk with Monica about issues important to them. Sue Peterson helped set everything up and did a great job.

Onward then to Philipsburg. It was hot and there was no shade to be seen. It was a long hot ride . We stopped in Maxville for a photo op. I had the opportunity to ride ahead and visit with a fellow in Maxville. I noticed he had solar panels on his garage and thought he might support Monica , as she is a proponent of renewable energy, wind solar and hydro. First thing he said to me was that he was a conservative. I asked if he would like to have lower energy rates, that rates have gone up 20% over the last 10 years. He said everything has gone up. I mentioned Monica’s 20 years of experience practicing before the PSC, that she could start on day one, with no learning curve . We had a good conversation and I gave him Monica’s card. Listening to conversations and learning is how she will win this race.

It’s an interesting thing though. Folks will say they are conservative or that they are Republican , but when you ask what that means…..they can’t define it. We have asked other people along the way what it means to be a conservative, and they could not define it….

Anyway, it was time to head in to P Burg. I got there ahead of the bikers and had myself a huckleberry ice cream cone. The bikers arrived and we sat around the shady corner at the Philipsburg Brewery. Some local women came to visit with Monica and we all enjoyed the rest of the day sipping a brew and talking about how we can raise money and awareness of Monica’s down ballot race . It’s not easy to define the PSC. It shouldn’t be a partisan office , but it is because of a deal struck with the Butte delegation at the constitutional convention back in 1972. Anyway, it takes money to win and Monica needs to raise more of it.

Riding to our hosts cabin, Monica got caught in the rain that turned to hail! And I’m glad Angela Renk was there when I called, cause we needed some guidance to find their lovely cabin in the woods . She met us and led us to the cabin. We enjoyed a pasta dinner and great conversation with our good friend. Then we watched the sun set and went to bed.

Day 7, Georgetown lake to Darby along the Skalkaho Highway . It’s gonna be an adventure!

Sketchy WiFi connection here in the mountains of Georgetown Lake, so look for my synopsis of the week at the end of this journey , with more photos that would not load.


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