Susie Perkowitz — Five Benefits of Using a Foam Roller

Susie Perkowitz is an endurance runner and cyclist who trains hard and often has the sore muscles that go along with her training. Like many athletes, she turns to a foam roller to help her increase circulation and speed up the healing process after a particularly strenuous workout. Using a foam roller helps to break down the tight knots of fascia while loosening up soft tissue adhesions. Here are five other benefits of using a foam roller every day.

1.Using a foam roller before your workout helps to warm up and loosen any tight ligaments, muscles, and tendons. This will help to prevent injury during your workouts.

2.After your workout, you can use the foam roller to provide you with a self-myofascial release, encouraging mobility and releasing muscle tension.
3.Foam roller use promotes greater flexibility. Doing a series of stretches helps you to increase your flexibility, resulting in a longer, leaner, stronger body.

4.When you are an endurance athlete, doing the same motions for a long time, using a foam roller can mitigate risk of repetitive-use injury. Using a foam roller on a regular basis will help to loosen tight muscles and promote healing.

5.Using a foam roller to thoroughly stretch your muscles on a regular basis encourages increased blood flow throughout the entire body.

Susie Perkowitz loves the TriggerPoint GRID foam roller, stating “It’s fast, easy, and inexpensive and a great way to increase circulation and speed up the healing process.”