Your Eyes

In your riveting eyes
I see
the depths of the ocean
the heart of it lying beneath
encompassed in a beautiful shell
inside lies the ethereal beauty
safe and secure
protected and guarded
the heart of your soul

In your alluring eyes
I see
the lightning spark
that could lit my heart
passing currents through my veins
like a ocean of waves
rushing through sand 
to kiss my feet on land

In your fiery eyes
I see
the pouncing heart
with a famished part
the gushing passion
to taste me naked
the longing desire
for perennial pleasure
oozing out heat
through the fabric on my skin

In your captivating eyes
I see
a maze of puzzles
with a bundle of levels
I crack these riddles
to unveil the presence
Deeper lies the essence
with profound effervescence

In your moist eyes
I see
the reflection of mine
blur and unclear
like gossamer flying in dust
I wince in pain
when I witness your cheeks
drenching in the rain of tears
going down the drain through scars

In your soothing eyes
I see
the calmness of mind
as still as my body
when you bid me bye
as vivid as my memories
without fluttering thoughts
as clear as my blood
when you bite my lip
as fast as my breath 
when your hands are on my chest
as high as my soul
when your body en roll


If you came across my post for the first time, here I am, Susmitha.

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