What is there in you both that he loves you so much?

I was in a very frustrated mood yesterday. I caught a cold last week and it has been irritating me to the peaks since then. Though it doesn’t deserve to be the reason behind my frustration, it partly is responsible. I slept early the previous night to wake up early in the morning. Sleeping at 2 am and 3 am has become usual these days since last month, but I slept so soon the other night at 11 pm with an intention to get up at 3 am and study for exam. The next morning when I opened my eyes, the screen displayed 9:00 AM. OMG! did I sleep for such a long time? That’s too much, at least not these days, muttered the voice in my head. I stepped out of my bed, took the brush into my hand and walked towards the sink outside our rooms.

Now, it’s time to pick a dress from the wardrobe. Which dress should I wear? I wanna wear jeans mumbled slowly, the voice inside. Yeah, that’s a good choice. Oh, no! They are not washed. With slight disappointment on my face, I looked closely into the wardrobe to choose a dress. I don’t want to wear these long churidars, they are so heavy to carry now, said to myself. But then, you gotta choose one from them, interrupted my inner self. Okay, let me decide which one. My brain has got subconsciously programmed to prefer black and pick it up when I have to choose among a bunch of clothes. I better choose this, anyhow he likes it so much- BLACK, I said to myself and walked out of the room taking the dress and with the bucket in a hand and towel in the other. I bathed in five minutes as I had to go to the lab and get the output at any cost. After tying my hair and dropping the jhumkis in the little holes of my ears, when I was about to turn away from the mirror and head towards my watch lying on study table, I heard a voice inside me reminding of something. With a smirk tone, it shouted in hurry, Kajal. Oh yeah, I forgot. Where is the stick? Here, I got it. Smeared my eyes with brownish black kajal, and stared at them in the mirror for a while. I was never very fond of my eyes, but I have started loving them because he loves them. I stood there silent for a while, got lost in those brownish eyeballs. Slowly, my thoughts slipped into the night on the terrace. We both were sitting on the floor of the terrace. He was leaning against the wall with his legs open parallel to each other, I sat beside him with my arms curled around his body, my back on his lower stomach, facing him perpendicularly looking into his eyes by lifting my head. I turned more towards him curling his neck with my arms. He raised his hand slowly, tucked my hair behind my ears caressing my cheeks, then he suddenly bent forward, grabbed me by my waist and pulled me closer towards him. Then he gently placed a kiss on my right eye and then on the left one.

What is there in you both, that he loves you so much? I don’t see you any different, I questioned those dark little eyes staring at me puzzled by my question. Never mind, you need not answer me, I wish he loves me too as much as he loves you both, I said to myself and turned away from the mirror, took my watch and my college bag lying behind and walked out of the room with my thoughts still lingering on the terrace.

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