How to Delete Amazon Account History

Amazon is undoubtedly a great online shopping website. Whether you are just window shopping or seriously looking for a particular product, there are tons of product choices available on the Amazon website with relatively private browsing experience. But, all the product searches you make are saved to your browser history as well as your Amazon account history. Your search pattern also appears on your related purchase suggestions.

This thing is annoying to some users, especially the ones who work on a shared computer as it reveals a bit too much search information of the potential buyers. To overcome this issue, given below is the process of how to delete Amazon account history.

  1. Go to website on your web browser.
  2. Click on the Sign In button and login to your Amazon account.

3. Now click on Your Account tab again. This will open the dashboard of your account with loads of options there.
4. Scroll down the page until you reach the Personalization section. Locate and click on View and Manage Your Browsing History

5. A new Webpage will appear with all your previous browsing history on Amazon.

6. You can look through items by category or all at once. If you want to delete individual items, then click the Remove button below each entry in your browsing history.
7. For deleting the entire history, click on the Manage History accordion menu on the top right of the history page. This will open a small accordion section with a button labeled as Remove all items. Just click on the button.

8. You can also opt for turning off your browsing history by clicking on the switch button in the same Manage History accordion.

That’s it. If you are faded up because of the unlimited product suggestions based on your search pattern or you are getting unwanted advertisements and reminders about a product, you can now get rid of this annoyance just in a few clicks.

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