How to use Dropbox Chrome Extension in Gmail

Google time to time launches numerous types of plugins and add-ons to ease our professional and personal life. One of such extension is Dropbox for Gmail that helps users to share droprbox saved files directly with their Gmail account. You can download this freeintegration from Google Chrome web store.
This plug-in directly link the user’s Dropbox account with Gmail account. Afterinstalling g this extension, a Dropbox icon will appear on compose window of Gmail account. This file link can be used to share stored files with others through Gmail account.

This Google extension will make attaching, sharing and viewing Dropbox files simpler and increase productivity.

Features of Dropbox Chrome Extension

This extension makes sharing, attaching and viewing of files easier and quicker.
• Use it to send large files over the email.
• It doesn’t take much time to upload files (whether that is large or medium).
• Dropbox extension doesn’t capture space of inbox.
• You can send multiple files though this extension without even converting them into zip files.
• Eve Recipients can easily view files and download the attached files.
• It is easy to upload and access files on Dropbox account from Gmail accounts.

How this extension works

Note: — For now, google has launched only the Beta version of this extension.

Install the Dropbox for Gmail (Beta) extension from the Google Chrome Web Store. But remember, this integration doesn’t support / require any type of outside interfacing of Gmail. So, it may possible that any pop-up icon won’t appear on the browser window.
• Sign-in to your official Gmail ID.
• Launch the Compose window by clicking on ‘Compose’ option.
• At the bottom of the window, you can see a Dropbox icon (as seen in image below).

  • Hit on this icon, a new window will appear.
    • Dropbox stored data in three parts such as recent files, image Files and all files. Select the desired file that you want to share with others and hit on ‘Insert Link’ button.

• Now, file is attached and ready to share through Gmail ID.
• But remember, you can’t share all the folders at the same time. In order to add multiple files, add them one by one.
• If recipient is Gmail user, he / she can see download linked files option on account.
• Non Gmail users have to use to view or download such files.

Dropbox Extension for Chrome is very productive and powerful tool that teams up Gmail accounts and Dropbox accounts at one platform. Use this plugin to increase productivity and save time. For more details about Dropbox extension or other Chrome extension,