The FREE press is usually the first to go when evil changes are happening in a society.
Allan Wing

I remember Alexander Dubcek. This is VERY SCARY for the US. We cannot sit by and let this happen. Trump is really very evil. Why can’t people see that? I think it’s because Trump calls true reports of his actions “Fake News” and because many or most of these Trump supporters are followers of “FOX News” they think any report from a news source other than FOX is not to be believed. So, unless a report about Trump that is less than flattering to him, doesn’t come from FOX, it must be “fake news” and not to be believed. Did Trump or his offspring collude with Russia to win the election? NOT UNLESS FOX NEWS SAYS SO! IF TRUMP OR HIS OFFSPRING DENY IT THEN IT DIDN’T HAPPEN! Thus, Nazis are born and thrive!

VERY SCARY AND RIGHTLY SO! We need to support all news sources that are not connected to Trump&Followers.

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