Why Don’t World Leaders Fight Their Own Battles (Again)?
Robert Cormack

Oh, how absolutely Right-On, Mr. Cormack…(that’s not McCormack, as I was going to write, but didn’t, because like a wise woman, I double checked Mr. Cormack’s spelling of his name.)

So, I love what you write and I chuckle quietly to myself, because my cats do not give a rat’s ass. By the way, have you seen Tom Hiddleston’s Henry V with Jeremy Irons as Henry IV? The three plays are called “The Hollow Crown.” On BBC(?). Soooo good. Dunno if the plays are still available except they were on Amazon channel via ROKU. And Tom Hiddleston was in a discussion about the very thing you’re saying. These Shakespearian Kings led their brave, but diarrhetic soldiers into battle; something I’d take out a loan in order to pay good money to see Trump-the-Frump do.

I’ve got a short ditty written about the feigned interest people show when they say in their greeting, “Hi, How are you?” When they really don’t mean “How are you?”

I’ll share it sometime. It’s Nobel Prize worthy.

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