Being disabled has brought a lot of new perspectives to my life. For the past three years, I have been living life in a wheelchair. I don’t believe that this will be my life forever, but I do know, that at least for now, this is my life. What bothers me, and a lot of people is the idea that you can’t live a full, fruitful life.

During the past few years, I gave birth to my daughter, worked in jobs I’ve loved (mostly because I REFUSE to work in anything I’m not passionate about), traveled, been in love, and enjoyed my life. I’m not saying every day is sunshine and roses. It’s not. Sometimes I wonder why this has to be me, sometimes I feel sad, and for the past couple of years, taken those feelings out on people I love. HOWEVER, this life can be incredibly worth it. I would rather take a bet on what I’ve got then nothing at all. In my perspective, that’s the only other choice.