The Difference between Sustainable and Green Energy

Sustainability has been on the minds of every individual and business for a long time now. Due to the damage we are causing to the environment, it has become mandatory to consider green ways of living and escape the route of global warming. However, in order to completely understand sustainability meaning and its implications, you must know the difference between green and sustainable energy. While sustainable things are normally green, things that are considered green may not always be sustainable.

Meaning of Green Living

When you indulge in environmentally friendly practices, it is considered as green living. Sometimes, these things might have a negative impact on the environment or no impact at all. For e.g. compared to ordinary cars, hybrid cars are considered green. However, hybrid cars still use gasoline which means that they are environment friendly but not a sustainable solution.

Sustainability Meaning

Solutions that work on a continuous basis without causing any harm to the environment are called sustainable. Bicycles are a sustainable solution compared to cars since they do not use gasoline and protect our environment. Riding a bicycle does not use up natural resources and does not cause any harm to the environment and therefore, they are a truly sustainable solution.

The Combination of Green and Sustainable Living

Even though there is a striking difference between green living and sustainable practices, both can have a positive impact on our lives. Sustainability awards us with a promising future where resources are plenty while green living ensures we live consciously, trying to protect our world. Green technology can contribute towards sustainability if the materials used can be recycled and they don’t run out. For example, solar panels are considered a green source of energy since they are reusable and don’t have a negative impact on the environment and are a green product. Also, because they use energy from the sun, they are a cost-effective solution in the long run.

Challenges of Adapting to Green and Sustainable Lifestyles

When you consider people across the globe, it is difficult for humanity to look for greener solutions that will not impact our environment in a negative manner. People are not willing to accept changes that are required to move towards a sustainable lifestyle. The sustainability awards are usually revealed after a long time and they require a lot of investment initially which many people are not willing to do. For example, people are so used to driving their regular cars that they might not be comfortable switching to public transport, carpooling or riding bicycles for short distances. The cost of solar panels can seem like a financial burden since the installation and setting up can be quite expensive. Even though this is a really smart investment for the future, people might not be open to the idea of the initial expense.

The best way to embrace sustainability is to start as early as possible. No matter what changes you can incorporate in your life, start today. Every day that you practice green living, you are moving towards a better future.

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