As the title indicates, we met. Yes, it was the first formal meet-up of the sustainability mafia members. Despite April 20th (Saturday) fell on a long weekend we had “the gang” making it to the meetup sharing their work and their commitment for Sustainable future of the world. Many thanks to Kenrick Mascarenhas for hosting all of us at the wonderful IIHS facility at Sadhashiv Nagar. For those of you wondering what “The Sustainability Mafia — lobbyist for your grandchildren” is, here you go: A consortium of startups, consultants, individuals and industry bodies for promotion of businesses working in sustainability.

Dear friends,

Hope you had a great time on Ganesha Chaturthi last week. Since I’m named after the God, the stories of Lord Ganesha have been of great interest to me. Like for instance I used to wonder during my college days why do people worship lord Ganesha made of clay, and then why so much flowers and leaves are cut from plants to celebrate the festival. To an extent I was reluctant to be even part of the festival until I heard this story later in my life:

The story goes this way, Yudhistira also known as Dharmaraya from…

Sustainability Mafia

A lobbyist for your grandchildren.

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