Bamboo Sushi is Going Cashless

Here Are the Reasons Why…

Sustainable Restaurant Group was founded with the mission to change the way people eat. To accomplish such a big goal, we have placed innovation at the heart of how we operate, as a company and as a team. This dedication can be seen throughout our organization today, from our industry-leading supply chain that allowed us to become the world’s first certified sustainable sushi restaurant to championing marine reserves around the planet, helping to create biomass for coastal communities in developing countries. That drive to be at the forefront of our industry, doing what is right and doing what makes sense, has opened us up to doing things differently in all areas of our business; serving a low-waste menu, eliminating single-use plastics within the guest experience, and offering industry-leading benefits to our team members.

Cash handling has become a topic of conversation across the country, with many businesses moving toward a model of digital transactions, which saves time and focuses on a better customer experience. Going cashless isn’t a new concept — for example, the airline industry started going cashless years ago for the same reasons. Our fast-casual concept QuickFish has been cashless since it began here in Portland two years ago. And now it’s time we make the same transition at all Bamboo Sushi locations.

With cash amounting to only 6% of our transactions, and the clear benefits we’ve seen among other businesses, we’ve been thinking about what this change would mean for us over the last few years. We’ve researched other companies, talked to our regular guests, and listened to our team members. The pros far outweigh the cons, and with all of this customer and employee feedback, we have decided to move forward with this change.

Going cashless allows our restaurants to save time that can now be dedicated to things like improved training, continued learning about sustainability, and a stronger focus on service to our guests.

For our team members, going cashless is also an issue of safety. Earlier this year, two of our Bamboo Sushi locations here in Portland were broken into, with thieves targeting cash in the safe. With no cash in the restaurants, our stores are less of a target for theft.

For our guests, we now have even more time to focus on improving your experience at all of our restaurants, including decreased wait times by eliminating the extra work of counting cash and giving change at the end of the meal.

For our environment, going cashless allows us to decrease our carbon footprint by eliminating drive miles from armored car services and decreasing our paper consumption.

Doesn’t this leave some people out? We’re not requiring credit cards, just a digital form of payment. This can come in the form of pre-paid debit cards, bank cards, and more; avoiding requiring credit worthiness to dine with us.

Also this year, Bamboo Sushi is switching to a B-Corp certified bank that focuses on social responsibility and creating a more sustainable future for everyone. No big banks!

On January 1st, 2019, Bamboo Sushi will no longer accept cash. We are excited to continue growing, deeply rooted in our dedication to remaining a leader within our industry, providing an inspiring place to work for our team members, and an exciting experience for you, our guest.

Thank you for supporting Bamboo Sushi over the last decade. We’re excited to continue this journey with you.


Kristofor Lofgren

Founder & CEO, Sustainable Restaurant Group, Bamboo Sushi & QuickFish