How Much Does a PSAP Command & Control Room Console Cost?

Transit Series Dispatch Console by Sustema Inc

If you’re asking yourself how much does dispatch furniture (Consoles) cost, it is probably because you’ve realized that the current furniture in your PSAP does not meet the requirements of today’s environment. Here are some signs that it is time to upgrade

  • Your current furniture is over 8–10 years old
  • Your current furniture is fixed and outdated in terms of ergonomic standards
  • The furniture cannot hold the required equipment to perform the job efficiently
  • You’re moving into a new building or renovating the current one
  • There is more staff available than the number of workstations

What’s the difference? Consoles vs. Office Furniture

Before getting into the prices, it is important to distinguish the difference between Consoles and standard office furniture. Consoles are built exclusively for intense environments such as emergency communications centers and other command centers operated 24/7, 365 days a year. On top of requiring high-quality materials, the consoles need to be capable of integrating various types of equipment such as computers, cables, and multiple monitors without affecting the workspace of the dispatchers while also providing ergonomic features. For instance, height-adjustable (Standing Desks) surfaces to minimize the stress caused on the body from working 10+ hour shifts in a sitting position.

On the other hand, regular office furniture may provide all the previously mentioned benefits except for the fact that they are not designed to withstand intensive usage which brings me to the next differentiation factor, price. In the short term, regular office furniture will resolve some issues however it will quickly become apparent that a new replacement will be necessary resulting in additional costs. For instance, the rapid degradation of the desks due to cheaper materials, the lack of modularity to grow due to a one-size-fits-all solution, and the lack of space to accommodate IT equipment.

Dispatch Technical Furniture Price Ranges

The following list describes the different price tiers per single console or workstation.

$5,000 — $9,999: Standard Dispatch Console/Workstation

At this level, manufacturers provide one-size-fits-all solutions or limited customizability. Consoles are equipped with fixed or standard surface height adjustability, equipment storage, cable management, and ergonomic monitors arms. However, some suppliers can work within client budgets providing competitive prices while also offering higher customizability.

$10,000 — $14,999: Premium Dispatch Console/Workstation

In the premium segment, manufacturers are highly specialized and can provide custom technical furniture to customers. The service goes beyond manufacturing consoles to providing a full-fledged solution from designing specific features, shipping, and installation. Dispatch consoles are equipped with dual-surface height adjustment, computer and personal storage, integrated cable management but also provide modular capabilities for future expansion as well as the following technology integrations.

  • Personal Environmental System: Provides operators with the ability to control air, heat, height, and lights at the touch of a button on a user-friendly screen display. More Info
  • Alerting & Notification System: For larger PSAPs where communication among crew members and managers becomes harder, the Alerting System enables operators to request assistance from managers directly on their console. More Info
  • Programmable LED Status Light: Visual light displaying the call status of dispatchers.
  • Power outlets & USB ports
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

$15,000 — $19,999: Deluxe Dispatch Console/Workstation

Consoles in the deluxe tier include all of the features mentioned previously under the Premium Segment but also offer the highest degree of customizability and often require manufacturers to develop non-existent products such as new software applications to be integrated within the furniture. Smart technologies and the Next-generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1) are driving this segment changing the way in which the public safety industry operates.

  • Smart Technologies & IoT
  • Antimicrobial worksurfaces
  • Acrylic cable management covers
  • Personal Environmental System Upgrades
  • Custom LED Systems

Conclusion: When thinking about upgrading your dispatch furniture it is important to have a long-term mindset because you will be investing for the next 10–15 years before the next furniture upgrade. It is also important to keep the needs of ends users such as dispatchers but also the IT staff who will be in charge of working with the furniture and sometimes even architects if it is a new building project.

Sustema Inc

With 20 years of experience designing and manufacturing consoles for command, control and surveillance environments across North America, Sustema Inc. has developed the skills necessary to service both standard and premium client segments but also deluxe consoles by investing in R&D to develop new products in the industry. Contact us to request a free quote or for any other questions regarding this topic.

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