Changing leadership across the globe creates an interesting and different view of our nation, our world, our future. The U.S., my country, jumps right in, quite often, and runs with a variety of experiences. It’s kind of our way of doing business since the beginning.

Thrust into this world many many years ago, those indigenous to the land were/are courageous, strong, adventurous.

Add in the others who arrived here for a variety of reasons good, some bad. Some honorable, some dishonorable. Some with greed, some looking for a new life. Some forced to come, some coerced to come. Some running away, some running to something new. All of us back there in the past were in it together. Even if we didn’t know it. You know?

I believe we are still adventurous, strong, courageous. We were not seeing it though. Then Harvey happened. Courage, hope, humanity, compassion, love, generosity for our neighbors, friends, strangers. Amazing hope.

Nationally there are so many things happening right here in our country and until Harvey we were being distracted with the same story topics and themes. 24/7. Twenty-four hour a day, seven days a week.

When this happens we miss what’s going on in our own nation. When we allow ourselves as consumers of media, to receive only .00000009% (I am over exaggerating of course (I hope), but it’s to make a point) of what is actually happening in our country, let alone the world.

I’m not an expert, but I know when there is a major focus on select topics, other significant pieces of information get lost in the shuffle or just disappear as though it may have never existed.

Take a look at technology, Sean Everett wrote a piece about Apple’s adventure, growing interest and actions using digital currency. He likened Apple pay’s future to crypto currencies Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Looking to the south — Columbia, Venezuela — each experiencing major changes. In Columbia the long-time rebel group FARC moves toward peace. The country going through growing pains to figure out how to bring thousands of FARCs back into mainstream society. Venezuela faces untold challenges in corrupt governance, economic downturn, chaos.

Turn towards the east to Bangladesh, Myanmar and the Rohingya people, who live mainly in Myanmar, are one of the most persecuted minorities in the world. Their mass migration against odds creates a lucrative business for smugglers and human trafficking.

According to the UN International Labour Organization global unemployment will reach 201 million this year, 2017. “With an additional rise of 2.7 million expected in 2018 — as the pace of labour force growth outstrips job creation, according to the ILO’s World Employment and Social Outlook — Trends 2017 (WESO).

The above snippets, technology, migration, significant changes in national structures — physically and politically, and unemployment — when separate may not appeal to the broader community. But, together within the context of current and possible future events, will intersect in ways, we have yet to discover.

Our part in all of this — to choose a pro-active approach to getting news and information from various sources.

Don’t be quick to judge. Listen to the words used. Ask yourself, did the journalist or ‘expert’ provide an opinion or factual information?

If an opinion was presented, were you able to tell if this was an opinion, not fact? If the experts are giving their opinions, what is their background, their experience? How did they get to their opinion?

Choose truth over speculation.

Take the words conservative and liberal out of your description of news media. It clouds your information gathering experience. If you are able, try to read, listen, or watch the news for information only, not opinions.

  • What do you hear? Read? Watch?

Weed out the journalists you may not respect from those you respect.

Ask yourself why you respect some and not others. Be honest with yourself. Are you making judgments based on the true definition of journalism or personal opinions based on pre-conceived notions, prejudices, stereo-types?

Chances are you may find several journalists who you respect when listening for actual information.

Watch the major news networks 6:30 show ABC, CBS, NBC. They present the news in a different format than cable news. With thirty minutes to get out news from across the U.S. and globe, they have to be selective in what they air.

Which may be good in some sense and bad in others. :,).

And on that note, I’m signing off. :,)

Enjoy this life and remember to “go to grow!” :,).

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