What if instead, it used music as a platform that enabled you to do something with it, rather than a purchasable item.
12 Tech Theses of the 2030s
Sean Everett

I wholeheartedly agree — this is something I already do with music, movies, and books. When I experience certain music, a specific movie or book — I’m there in that world. Not sure how to explain it. But I understand your thought process. This is where I’m struggling with how to put the story out there —using tech, future concepts, etc. to transform and engage where we, the world, are moving into the future — especially with creating a space for people who don’t know their gifts, don’t know they have a gift/skill, or are searching for how to transform their gifts, their skills, their talents to adapt in a world that’s rapidly changing, i.e. jobs, education, technology, the arts. How can I be a part of growing into the future with story telling through people, tech, age old, time tested tools, AI, and more? Hmmmm. Thank you.

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