Oh you’re a trainer? So you just tell people what to do, right?

Ryan Esdohr and I have this thing going on where we occasionally rate our performance for the day on a scale from 1–10. If our clients are pain free, we were locked in and focused the entire day, we didn’t screw anything up, and we were in control of our thoughts, that would be a 10 for the day. So far, neither of us has texted (or snapchatted) the other anything higher than a 9.1. It’s a great way to be held accountable, even if Ryan could care less how I rated myself for the day.

I gave myself a 7.2 for Tuesday, and was on a mission to get a perfect 10 knowing that I’d be working with 10 people for over 9 hours on Wednesday. Here’s a look into the life of a busy and (semi) successful trainer that doesn’t forget to respect the process, and understands that to get from where you are to where you want to be, you can never stop grinding.

4:40AM The alarm goes off. Thanks to Ryan, I no longer hit the snooze button. The first thing I do is get on my phone for 5 minutes while still in bed. The light from my phone wakes me up, then I head downstairs and put a K-Cup in the Keurig. Panera Bread’s Hazelnut Roast was yesterday’s choice. The hardest part about waking up is the first 90 seconds. Once you’re moving for 90 seconds, you no longer have the desire to go back to sleep.

6AM — 7AM I walk into the gym to see my friend from high school warming up. Now a client of mine, his goal is to pack on muscle after fighting a stomach illness for years. I haven’t seen him in 2 weeks, so he decided to get after it at 6 in the morning and killed the workout. The day’s started off great.

7:15AM — 7:45AM My next client is a 27 year old who has been diagnosed with arthritis. Let me say that again — 27 years old. Arthritis. She comes in twice a week to strength train with me, and does her PT protocol on her own 3 days a week. She’s extremely motivated and every time I see her, she says she’s getting better and better. Just because you’re diagnosed with a life-long disease doesn’t mean it’s going to control your life.

7:45AM — 8AM Snack time. Half a slice of bread with peanut butter and strawberries.

8AM — 9AM Probably my most dedicated client. This man comes in religiously on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and gets after it every day. If he can’t make it one day, he reschedules to another day. He tells me he’s all thrown off if he misses a day, and I love it. Did I mention he’s 65 years old?

9AM — 10AM Another dedicated client. This lady is 60 years old, fighting knee arthritis, and still manages to train 3 times a week. We focused on hip dominant movements for the entire workout. To my surprise, none of her previous 4 trainers had ever told her the relief she would feel in her knees if she strengthened the muscles at the hip. She never squatted cause of her knees, but I had her do modified hip dominant squats yesterday. This morning I got a text saying her knees felt great.

10AM — 11AM Pro NFL wife! I see this girl Monday through Friday without fail. Even if she’s feeling shitty, she’ll come in and put everything aside for that one hour she’s with me. We joke that her goal in life is to be the best at working out. On average, I probably hear her say “this is stupid” 75 times a week, but she keeps coming back. Weird…

11AM — 12:15PM It’s my turn to workout. I went through an “athlete” workout with Jen Sloan — a monster and super trainer that I’m proud to call a friend. We pulled out all the fun tools for our workout. Agility on the speed ladder, strength on the pull up bar, and power on the tire flips and ball slams.

12:15PM — 1:15PM The son of Client #3 who I saw at 8AM. His dad had been on him for over a year to come in and try it out with me. He tried it, felt great, and now has a goal to come 5 days a week to get his butt kicked — and he loves every minute of it.

1:30PM Lunch time! I stopped at Chick-Fil-A on my way home and ate…a lot. Chicken noodle soup, a grilled chicken wrap, and a chicken salad sandwich. Don’t eat like this if you sit behind a desk all day.

2:30PM — 3PM Power nap. Nothing gets me rejuvenated for my evening clients like a few minutes of down time. Sometimes I need it, sometimes I don’t. Yesterday I chose a nap over another cup of coffee.

4:30PM — 5:30PM Back at the gym for round 2. This time I’m working with an ex college hoops player. He played at UT as a walk-on and played alongside Lamarcus Aldridge, so you know he’s got game. Unfortunately, he now suffers from knee tendinitis that we are constantly working on. Yesterday was spent working on his knees and his shoulder, which he jammed in a pick up game. 1 more week and he’ll be 100% again!

6PM — 7:15PM When I first started training school, I was told to never train your significant other. “You’ll get mad, she’ll get mad, and it’ll never work.” BS. My wife walked in and got straight to work with me. Yeah, she complained and probably hated me for the entire session, but she respected everything I had to say and did everything I asked her to. If your wife isn’t listening to you in the field you’re an expert in, good luck getting her to respect your opinion in other aspects of life.

7:30PM — 8:30PM The highlight of my day. One of my newest clients is a friend of my brother and I that we’ve known for over 10 years. Towards the end of our workout, he mentioned how it was him that broke my brother’s nose during a pick-up basketball game. I never knew that, and he told me to call my brother mid-session to get clarification. It was awesome to end a great day’s work with a good laugh.

9:15PM — 10:30PM While eating dinner (homemade Chipotle style bowls), I watched the recorded Rockets game. I never care about who wins — all I’m concerned about is how my client does given his opportunities. After they lost, my wife showed me a Facebook post from an old “friend” talking down on my client. Initially I get a bit annoyed, then realize that the post is coming from a typical “fan” that’s never played competitive anything, is more than 150 pounds overweight — and does nothing about it, and values success of a sports team over that of friends and family. It’s easy to criticize from the outside looking in.

11PM — 11:30PM Hop into bed, unlock my Kindle, and continue reading The Success Principles. Success based books only work if you have your mind made up that you want to change for the better. Luckily, I do.

11:30PM Say a prayer, be grateful for my awesome clients, & turn lights off. 9.9 for the day.

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