Announcing Suterusu: A Launchpad for Interoperable Privacy-Preserving Blockchains

Aug 28 · 2 min read


Even before the age of Bitcoin, the crypto-anarchist community had long embraced its mission of protecting online privacy through cryptographic technology. When it comes to protecting anonymity and confidentiality of online payment, Cryptography, as a digital protection technology, is a natural choice.

Blockchain technology, with its open and transparent nature, comes with a heavy cost to the privacy of individuals involved in the transaction. There already exist quite a few anonymous cryptocurrencies such as Zcash, Monero, Grin, and Beam, etc, which have adopted advanced cryptographic tools to improve blockchain privacy. At the core of this technological innovation is the implementation and integration of zero-knowledge proof. The zero-knowledge proof techniques adopted by the aforementioned crypto currencies either need a trusted setup step (or a complex multi-party setup protocol), which might imply a security flaw and contradict the transparent nature of blockchain or there remains room to improve their performance. Furthermore, there does not exist any privacy-preserving cross-chain protocol to connect these anonymous cryptocurrencies. The isolation nature of these communities prevents the free movement of the respective digital assets and limits their liquidity.

To develop a privacy-preserving blockchain is already quite challenging from the design perspective since it invokes the most advanced cryptographic techniques. The implementation of these techniques adds even more challenges due to the error-prone nature of cryptography implementation.


Suterusu implements and integrates the state-of-the-art trustless zero-knowledge proof schemes and offers multiple technical modules based on our zero-knowledge proof implementation to enable the developers to build privacy-preserving blockchain under various payment models instantaneously. Suterusu (Suter) will also provide a cross-chain blockchain protocol for the anonymous assets issued in the Suterusu ecosystem to guarantee their high liquidity and exchangeability. Suterusu is a modular, dynamic and interoperable ecosystem which will always evolve along with the latest development of most advanced privacy-preserving techniques to ensure that our launchpad is built on the most secure and efficient foundation.


Suterusu has chosen a community-driven approach to guide its core development path and has allocated 76% of the tokens to the community through mining. Suterusu will also introduce liquid decentralized meritocracy as the on-chain governance mechanism and the meritocracy mechanism adopted by the traditional East Asian bureaucratic system. This will provide participants with more flexibility and autonomy compared to the existing solution.

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