Complete the SysAdmin — Final Stage

Week 7 [July 10, 2017 — July 17, 2017]

This week also I wanted to work with SysAdmin OWA module. Because my mentor Daniel wanted to make this better for Production level. At the beginning of the week, I received some feed backs from Darius and my Mentor Danieal.

Working with my mentor Daneial

He was very active to guide me about the module. The major problem encountered by him was wrong Alert Messages contents. I displayed an alert message when a user triggers Delete/Stop module buttons. These alerts messages contain some module names.

There are two type of module lists inside the Module Details JSON object, That are,

  • Required Modules — A module can only access the API/service of another module if it is marked as required.
  • Aware of Module — This means that if the other module is also installed, do some extra features in Atlas module

Initially, I just displayed those Required Modules list as the affected modules. But he encountered that was wrong. I can’t figure out that concept immediately, but after some discussions, I can understand the concept of dependent modules. Pseudo code for the concept is,

Get module package name A
Get all modules data
Loop all modules data {
Get required modules data B
check weather package name A is in the list B {
Add modules name to display

Then I have implemented Dependent Module list inside the Module View details page as follows.

Working with Darius

Darius mentioned some GUI enhancements which will lead to SysAdmin better. He observed deeply and suggested some feed backs to improve my OWA. Some of the main objective from his view are,

  • Remove the red color for Delete/Stop button. Because It may avoid the eye contact from other parts of the module.
  • Be consistent about whether we’re going to have Icon and Text for Start, Stop, and Delete.
  • All actions buttons should be inside the one column.

So I completed those changes and asked him again for the reviews.

New Features

One of the new feature is Dependent Module data and another one is Getting module information from Online.

In the module view details, there are a lot of modules will be displayed under Required Modules and Aware of Modules. Some of those modules might not be installed on the server at that time. So when user click those modules, OWA wanted to face some Exceptions. So to handle this problem, I have implemented Get Details from the Online option.

It will gather details from Online OpenMRS module’s repository and will show it to the user as follows,

Happiness is getting some greetings from my mentor like this :-p ,

Kailayapathy Suthagar

Written by

Software Engineer @ Sysco Labs, Google Summer of Code Intern @ OpenMRS

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