First Evaluation — Google Summer of Code

Week 5 [June 26, 2017 — July 03, 2017]

This is my first evaluation week for the Google Summer of Code program. The evaluation means My mentor and I want to complete a survey to pass the evaluation. The evaluation period staretd was active during June 26 — June 30, 2017.

The survey asks some questions about myself, Work done and feedback for the Organization and GSoC Program like these following,

First Evaluation Questions

  • Is this your first year with your organization?
  • If you’ve participated in GSoC before, which organizations did you work with?
  • Did you contribute to this organization before GSoC?
  • Is your project a continuation of a previous year’s project?
  • When did you first communicate with your organization this year?
  • How often do you interact with your mentor(s)?
  • How do you communicate with your mentor(s)?
  • Rate the quality of interactions with your mentor(s)
  • How responsive are your mentor(s)?
  • What is your favorite part of participating in GSoC?
  • What is the most challenging part of participating in GSoC?
  • Feedback for your organization and mentors
  • Anything else you’d like to tell Google?

After the evaluation period, I received a mail about the Evaluation results. I have passed successfully :-) . 
Yah , Now time to receive the stipend from Google through Payoneer.

Student Stipends

Stipends are paid in three parts, one after each successful evaluation.

  • First Evaluation (paid early July): 30%
  • Second Evaluation (paid early August): 30%
  • Final Evaluation (paid mid September): 40%

Stipend amounts are calculated based on my location. According to my PPP, I am going to receive 720 USD at this time. (for Sri Lanka)

Development Coverage

I have advised to upload my OWA to for the mentor’s view. So I need to finalize the Module for the mentor’s view. I want to complete this following parts immediately at that time,

  • Implemented OpenMRS Header for OWA
  • Implemented OpenMRS Breadcrumbs for OWA
  • Modified buttons with OpenMRS UI Icons
  • Implemented Check Updates for Module feature.

Finally, I have uploaded my OWA to online reference application and received some feedback from my mentor. He advised me to start work on Encounters after some alterations on existing OWA module. So Currently I am working on existing OWA to complete the pending works.

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