Second Evaluations — GSoC 2017

Week 9 [July 25, 2017 — July 31, 2017]

In this week, I wanted to complete evaluations for my mentor. There was a small survey to collect some information about the mentors and feedback.

In this period, My mentor Daniel also wanted to complete the evaluations of mine. Finally, I was able to success my second evaluations and received positive feedback from my mentor about my works so far. I have prepared a small demonstration video for my second evaluations,

Development Coverage

I received some feedback from my mentor to improve system Administration OWA. He mostly encounters some issues in the user interfaces such as Notifications, Messages, and Layout spacing which will make it as a professional look. I spent last week to resolve those mentioned issues.

I have modified the System Information page with some new idea. Previously this contains information under 4 main categories, and now I categorized under 7 categories to increase the user experience.

Then I completed the REST Part of the SystemInfo and created Pull Request to the OpenMRS Repository. Now it merged with themaster branch to update the resource in the next release.

I created three more issues to continue the workflow last week,

  1. Implement Module Details view page [OWA-25] —
    Currently, there are no ways to get full information about the single module. So better to implement a Module details view page to display all the relevant information about that module.
    It should contain these following details,
    1. Module Information
    2. Required Module’s details
    3. Aware of Module’s details
    4. Dependent Module’s details
  2. Modify System Info Page [OWA-26] — Include some extra information to make SystemInfo Page better. Include some tag images for the headings. It will give a better user experience
  3. Integrate with OpenMRS Add-Ons to get module updates [OWA-24] — Currently, module update using to get the latest module information. but Community is going to retire soon. So It’s good to migrate the module update functionality with OpenMRS Add-ons.(

Kailayapathy Suthagar

Written by

Software Engineer @ Sysco Labs, Google Summer of Code Intern @ OpenMRS

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