Started working on Manage Scheduler

Week 10 [Aug 01, 2017 — Aug 07, 2017]

After the second evaluations, I spend some days on SysAdmin Open Web App to fix some issues and feed backs. I couldn’t complete the module update part yet, because OpenMRS Add-Ons project also improved during this GSoC time and currently they haven’t completed for those required end points for the access.

So We decided to move Scheduler part this week. My mentor advised me to complete this part as soon as possible. There are two huge tasks wanted complete under Manage Scheduler

  1. Implement REST Part for the Manage Scheduler
  2. Create Open Web App with all Manage Scheduler functionalities.
Manage Scheduler Dashboard — Legacy UI Module

So I started to implement REST part for the scheduler. I created two tickets to implement Manage Scheduler part,

  1. RESTWS-673 : Implement REST services to Manage Scheduler functionalities.
  2. OWA-27 : Implement Manage Scheduler functionalities in OWA

Apart from that, I have worked on two more tickets during this week.

  1. RESTWS-645 : Default representation of the module resource should include version
  2. RESTWS-674 : Include More Test cases for ModuleController1_8 in REST Module

I planned to complete the REST Implementation with in this three days and wanted to complete at least half part of Open Web app development with in this coming week :-)

Kailayapathy Suthagar

Written by

Software Engineer @ Sysco Labs, Google Summer of Code Intern @ OpenMRS

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