System Administration OWA — Final Stage

Make SysAdmin better!

Week 6 [July 03, 2017 — July 10, 2017]

After the First evaluation, I have started again my works under my mentor Daniel Kayiwa. There are some tasks according to my timeline, but he advised me to complete the SysAdmin reviews and improvements before moving to the new stage of the development.

According to my mentor reviews, I got some import GUI bugs and latency problems such as,

  1. Anyone can delete installed modules without any confirmation
  2. Header fonts differ from Existing Open Web Apps
  3. Breadcrumbs contains hyperlink for active pages also and There are two Home buttons displayed (One as Home image and other One as ‘Home’ text)
  4. Initial Page loading latency and some ugly characters printed before data fetching
  5. Show module names in the pages instead of module legacy-ID

So I investigated those mistakes and problems and find out the corrections. Then after I updated my modules with Daniel’s feedback. You can check the feedback and my updated information through this following OpenMRS Talk thread,

Major Updates — SysAdmin

  • Implemented user Confirmation before delete modules
Updated Confirmation Message
  • Implemented user alerts when user try to STOP some modules

Now I have completed this following parts in SysOWA,

  • Module Management -
    All Module Details — Start/Stop Module, Delete Module, Check Module updates, and Start All modules
    Selected Module View — All details of selected module, Start/Stop Module, Check for Module update
    Upload New Module
    Search and Install New modules
  • System Information

I am working with Encounters and Observations along to this improvements. Completed parts in the OpenMRS Encounters,

  1. Encounter Search/Add/Edit
  2. Encounter Type Management
  3. Encounter Roles Management

This week I planned to complete Encounters and Observations :-)

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