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Week 3 [June 14,2017 — June 20, 2017]

The wonder is my Semester Exams…
I have my semester exams for this week also, So I could not work with my project so far. I managed with my overnight studies :-)
I planned to do some important sections during this week, But unfortunately, Our Semester exams are postponed to this week due to the huge flooding in Sri Lanka.

I planned to complete System Information section for this week. This will be created as another Open Web App under my project which will contain all the details of OpenMRS System Information and Environment Information.


This is existing part in Legacy-UI module, which will contain all the details of OpenMRS for the view. It contains following categories,
1. OpenMRS System Information
2. Java Runtime Information
3. Memory Information
5. Database Information
4. Module Information

During this week, I want to migrate this part to New Open Web App. The bigger problem is, I can’t find out REST implementation for this section. Because to develop this part with my OWA, The REST part is necessary for further developments. So my mentor suggested me to implement REST part for this section.

REST Implementation

I am very new to OpenMRS REST Implementation, So I need to learn more about those stuff. According to the development, there are so much of conventions to implement REST part at here. I analyzed the System Information Controller Java file to get some extract idea and followed REST implementation guide. There are some simple REST implementations for the beginners, So I could learn the way using those guides. Finally, I was able to Implement the REST part for SystemInfo section under Legacy UI part. I worked for 4 days to complete this REST Implementation :-(.
I continued my working discussions using this following thread,

Everyone can access the SystemInfo using SystemInformation REST calls now!

REST Response for SystemInformation REST Call

SystemInformation OWA

After the REST Implementation, I started to work for my OWA. I have already familiarized with OWA developments So This is very easy for me at that critical time period. I just wanted to spend 2 hours to complete this Part :D.
Yah, I completed a day before my last examinations and was Happy to inform this to my mentor.

Implemented OWA for SystemInformation

This is my initial commit for the System Info Implementation.

Apart from that, I would like to implement some other features in this section.

  1. I would like to implement this as Tap Panel based details then each tap will contain separated information. The user wants to click each tap to get that information.
  2. Here why we want to include module information? There is another module(Manage Modules OWA) for module management. So Can I remove module information from this part?
  3. If module information should be included here, under the module information Section, I would like to include one button to get More details about that module.
  4. Display Memory details using PiChart with Percentages. It will easy to identify by the user.
  5. Want to clearly state the values (System Language : en should be like English)

But by now, There are so many sections want to complete. So I just paused to my pending stack to complete these improvements :-p.

I was very happy at that time, Because I wondered How did I complete this with my Exams. I have a lot of problems about REST Implementation part, But that was not so much difficult while implementing at that time.

Thank you, Daniel Kayiwa , Darius Jazayeri for the help and tips. I was able to get so many tips through IRC chats, Scrum meetings at talk thread to complete this part as soon as possible.

Kailayapathy Suthagar

Written by

Software Engineer @ Sysco Labs, Google Summer of Code Intern @ OpenMRS

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