Touching the Target of Phase — 1 for Location Based access control to the Patients

Week 6 [June 19, 2018 — June 25, 2018]

After a very deep and large code review on my pull request, I was able to conclude my works on Assigning Locations for Patients task.

Every day, My mentor provides some new comments and reviews for my changes and helped me a lot to make a clean code. Actually, we spent around two days to take a decision about a method name as well. So I wonder about the code quality and cleanliness of this module. I was able to learn some new ideas and techniques through this large code review. Thanks, @daniel for your great time and guidance.

Along with my project, I wanted to create the documentation and explain the steps to run this implementation. So I created a OpenMRS Wiki documentation with all steps needed to run this module, and Registration App Configuration. I wanted to make some edits after according to the comments from my mentor.

Kailayapathy Suthagar

Written by

Software Engineer @ Sysco Labs, Google Summer of Code Intern @ OpenMRS